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Latest from the Blog –Tempranillo Face Off

The Tempranillo grape is the most famous in Spanish Wine Country. It is widely grown throughout Spain, but the grape produces the best wines in these three regions: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Toro. Read More

Wines we like now at these stores

See our favorite wines at these stores and wine departments. These are excellent tasting wines at affordable prices. In other words, Good Cheap Vino.

Why consider our wine recommedations

Our motto is to discover Good Cheap Vino: we search, find, and recommend affordable wines that deliver quality. Wondering why our wine recommendations are worth considering? Here’s why our recommendations are legitimate. Unlike professional wine tasters, such as those at Wine Spectator or Wine Advocate, we don’t taste high-end wines daily, which can lead to a jaded palate. Instead, we understand what the average wine drinker likes and enjoys, Our palates understand what the common wine drinker likes and enjoys. We are more like most moderate drinkers.

We taste many wines and only recommend the ones we think qualify as a Best Buy or Good Cheap Vino.  We began Good Cheap Vino in 2010. The price of good wines has risen but there is still a vast amount of great tasting wines under $20. Take the guest work out of buying wines. Check our list of recommended wines and read our wine reviews.

Matching food and wine – top tips

I did a little revision to this article that I’d previously posted elsewhere. Food and wine, making the match came from one of the most informative wine sessions I attended at a Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, Washington. Read More

Are you for or against supermarket wines

Many wine critics and wine snobs argue that supermarket wines are generally lower in quality, and few good wines are on the shelves at grocery stores. Many wines in the Supermarket are indeed massed produced. Does that make them bad wines? The idea that wines in a supermarket are inferior is dead wrong. Every consumer is different in terms of what they like and can afford. Read More

TJ – Mandarin Orange Chicken and Wine

The Mandarin Orange Chicken is one of Trader Joe’s most popular items. People rave about this frozen dish that costs around $5. We recently gave it a try. Here is what we think about Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken. Read More

Which corkscrew is best and other wine gadgets – Read More

Now is the time to shop online and order something special for the wine aficionado.  Wine books, decanters, wine glasses, and cork pullers will make your wine-lover relative or friend very happy. Wine gadgets are always fun. Read More