Two Wines We Like at Costco Now

Are you looking for a bottle of delicious white wine and red wine? Do you shop at Costco? We recommend these two reasonably-priced wines. Not only are they delicious, but they are off-the-radar styles of wine. Open your wine horizons and “Drink Something Different.” Two wines to buy at … [Continue reading]

Our Top Wines of 2022

Before I list our Top Ten Wines of 2022, I am alerting you that I will no longer be sending out emails announcing new blog posts or articles on wines. I'm finding the monthly cost for email services prohibitive, so this will be the last email sent out to the mailing list. I will continue to post … [Continue reading]

Do You Know Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer grape cluster. Beautiful! Gewürztraminer Gewürztraminer is a grape from the spectacular Alsace wine region of France. It is a cool-climate grape with delicious floral notes and lichee nut characteristics. It is one of the easiest … [Continue reading]

Verdejo at its Best

My latest Good Cheap Vino discovery is the 2020 Carrasvinas Verdejo. The Carrasvinas Verdejo is at the Foster City Costco at the ridiculous price of $7.99. 2020 Carrasvinas Verdejo From Spain's Rueda wine region - 2020 Carrasvinas $7.99 at … [Continue reading]

One of the Best Sauvignon Blanc Wines You Can Buy Now

Sauvignon Blanc is the second most popular white wine variety. Sauvignon Blanc comes in many styles, from the grapefruit and gooseberry flavors of New Zealand to the gentle and crisp Sauvignon Blanc of France’s Sancerre region. In the middle is a … [Continue reading]

Indómito is Fantastico

2019 Kaiken Indómito Malbec At Costco for $12.99 and KL Wines for $17.99, this a totally delicious Malbec wine. I recently tasted some red blends costing $30 to $50, and none could hold a candle to the beautiful qualities of the 2019 Kaiken … [Continue reading]