Australian Reds of Note

None of these guys is Australian Vintage Wine Tasters & Aussie Reds Down under, Australia offers the wine buyer plenty of choices in red wines. Shiraz is the most important grape in Australia. Shiraz is the same grape as Syrah. Other red varieties are now coming into play in Australian … [Continue reading]

Crémants for the Holidays

Crémants for the Holidays Crémants we like for the Holidays What exactly is a Crémant? Crémants are French sparkling wines made in the traditional "methode champenoise," a second fermentation with the bottle capped, trapping the bubbles (carbon dioxide) inside the bottle. Crémants are not … [Continue reading]

Is There Good Pinot Noir for under $25?

Can you find a good Pinot Noir for under $25? Pinot Noir is a fussy grape, requiring lots of tender, loving care. Good Pinot Noir wine is in high demand; it has been on a roll since 2004. That's the year the cult wine movie "Sideways" vaulted … [Continue reading]

Three Wines to Buy at Costco Now

We have three wines to buy at Costco now. These three wines are under $15, but drink like much more expensive wines. If you shop at Costco, look for these wines. 2017 Andrew Murray Vineyards Syrah Tous Les Jours A steal at $13.49 at Costco in … [Continue reading]

Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico and Margherita Pizza - What a match! Our Chianti Classico recommendations Our recent tasting of Chianti Classico wine yielded a result much different from our previous tastings during this Pandemic period. The Vintage Wine … [Continue reading]

Navarro Vineyards Mendocino Chardonnay

2017 Navarro Mendocino Chardonnay $16.50 a bottle 2017 Navarro Mendocino Chardonnay for $16.50 I just received my shipment of the 2017 Navarro Vineyards Mendocino Chardonnay. Now, until the end of this month, Navarro has a sale going on this … [Continue reading]