It is Zinfandel Time

It is Zinfandel Time January is Zinfandel Time. The organization that goes by the name of ZAP (Zinfandel Advocate & Producers), for over the past 20 years has celebrated Zinfandel in January. COVID will prevent this celebration to happen with live tasting and dining events this year. However, … [Continue reading]

Sourdough and Wine

Sourdough and Wine Did you ever think that you would like to be a winemaker? In March of 2020, when the Pandemic forced us to stay home, many took to baking sourdough bread. I was one of those, and I am still baking today. Along the way of learning to bake sourdough bread, I discovered an … [Continue reading]

Wines to Start 2021

The new year offers hope and an eventual return to a normal life. Wine will continue to supply us with many good things in the coming year. It will take us to all parts of the world and give us much enjoyment with our meals, family and friends. Here … [Continue reading]

Merlot, Is it on a Roll?

In 2004 Merlot suffered one of the most significant setbacks ever in the wine industry. Merlot was the target of a disparaging remark in the cult wine movie, "Sideways." Before "Sideways," jet setters could not get enough Merlot. Merlot was one of … [Continue reading]

Under-the-Radar Spanish Reds

Jumilla Wines - Under-the-Radar Spanish Reds Spanish wines are one of the best wine values in the entire universe. We all know about red wines from the Rioja wine region. In the Rioja, the most famous and widely-planted grape is Tempranillo. Other … [Continue reading]

Australian Reds of Note

None of these guys is Australian Vintage Wine Tasters & Aussie Reds Down under, Australia offers the wine buyer plenty of choices in red wines. Shiraz is the most important grape in Australia. Shiraz is the same grape as Syrah. Other red … [Continue reading]