Washington State Wines in a Taste Off – What We Like

Washington Red Wines - Distinctive Character In October of this year, Vintage Tasters Mike Beltran and Joe Becerra visited the wine region of Washington State. After much boasting about the great wines that come from Washington, the Vintage Wine Tasters decided to do a tasting of six Washington … [Continue reading]

Fantastic Red Blend from Languedoc – 91 Points

Chateau Haut Blanville Eleganté 2016

Fantastic Red Blend from Languedoc - $14.99 at Costco The Languedoc wine region in the South of France is the source of many outstanding Best Buy wines. Seventy-five percent of the Languedoc wines are red, and the rest a mix of white and Rosé. The region is a huge source of grapes with more … [Continue reading]

Which wines under $20 made W.S. list of Top 100 Wines of 2018?

Carol Shelton Wild Thing Rosé at the Safeway

Wines under $20 on Wine Spectator's Top 100 This statement may be shocking to the casual wine consumer, but not to the seasoned bargain wine sleuths. There are many outstanding wines under $20 that can hold up to the best wines in the world. Proof, … [Continue reading]

Pizza with Wine or Beer – Which is Better?

Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Vine Zinfande

Pizza with wine or beer? Pizza is one of the most popular dishes on the American dining scene. Should it be wine or beer to have with a pizza? I prefer wine with pizza; a good red will always bring out the best in a pizza. When to have beer or … [Continue reading]

Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon by Charles Smith Did you read our article on top selling wines of 2018 Wine.Com? The 2016 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon by Charles Smith was the top seller. Is the wine worthy of that honor? We put it to the test. … [Continue reading]

Top-Ten Selling Wines of 2018

  Wine.com's Top-Ten Selling Wines of 2018  Wine.com is the most popular online wine shop in the U.S. Today, Wine.com released its annual list of their Top 100 Wines sold to this date in 2018. Here are the top-ten wines on the list. Why? It … [Continue reading]