WS & the Top Value Wines of 2021

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Wine Spectator picks Top Ten Wine Values of 2021 The Wine Spectator Magazine is a leading influencer in the world of wine. The Wine Spectator ratings significantly impact what wine readers buy or do not buy when they shop their favorite wine stores. As a result, subscribers have anxiously awaited … [Continue reading]

Mercer Heritage Blend – Grocery Outlet

The Grocery Outlet is a shot in the dark when shopping for wine. Our closest Grocery Outlet is in Redwood City, CA, and has one of the better wine departments of G.O. stores. The Redwood City store has a wine steward who designates which wines he likes by posting "Steve's Picks." We look … [Continue reading]

Wild Thing

2018 Carol Shelton's Old Vine Wild Thing Zinfandel - Number 43 2018 Carol Shelton Old Vine Wild Thing Zinfandel Carol Shelton Old Vine Wild Thing Zinfandel is one of my favorite red wines. My first vintage to try, 2009 back in 2013. Each … [Continue reading]

Favorite Best-Buy Wines of 2021

The Vintage Wine Tasters sampled more wines in 2021 than any other year of our 11-year history. We met in person the last half of the year, no more Zoom. Thank you, Moderna and Pfizer. In addition to our tastings, I tasted several other wines over … [Continue reading]

Wine from Two Old Timers

When we began to explore the Napa Valley, there were only a small number of wineries where we could tour and taste wines. The time was in the late 1960s and early '70s. The Charles Krug Winery and the Robert Mondavi Winery were two favorite wineries … [Continue reading]

Thanksgiving Wine Tips

Best wines for Thanksgiving

Best wines for Thanksgiving are the ones you like Thanksgiving wine tips - Which wines? What wines should you bring or serve for Thanksgiving? Each year this topic is covered in hundreds of articles and blog posts. The bottom line, there is … [Continue reading]