Lodi White Wines Rule

Bokisch Albariño with Padron Peppers Have you ever purchased or tasted a white wine from Lodi? It is likely not. We tasted six Lodi white wines at a virtual tasting on Tuesday. The six wines were from six wineries, and each winemaker was present to give us a detailed description of the wines. We … [Continue reading]

Why You Need an Ah So

An Ah So is a tool for pulling the cork out of a bottle of wine. It has two prongs, one longer than the other. It is a smart wine gadget that every wine drinker will need to use on occasion. The Ah So Wine Opener The Ah So is a "must" for anyone who drinks wine regularly. There will be … [Continue reading]

Spanish White Wines to Try Now

The beautiful and outstanding red wines from Spain are top-rated among many wine drinkers. The reds are aged to perfection, and the prices in general are very much on the side of the consumer. The white wines from Spain take a backseat to the reds. … [Continue reading]

Como No?

Como No? A Petite Sirah from Stags Leap AVA Como No? Was $40, now $17.50 My good friend and fellow Vintage Wine Taster Jim found the Como No? wine at the San Bruno Airport Costco store. There are two vintages of the wine on display, the 2011 … [Continue reading]

How about the wines of Sicily?

Shall we try Sicilian wines? A couple of weeks ago, we did a feature on South American wines. We indicated that the average wine consumer tries very few South American wines. Sicily is even a tougher wine sell to most U.S. wine drinkers. When was … [Continue reading]

VinoPal to the Rescue

Red Car Sonoma Chardonnay for $26 - 32% off the retail price Another way to discover wine bargains. It is VinoPal. Helping Artisan Wineries of Sonoma and Napa The small boutique and artisan wineries of the Napa Valley, Sonoma, and elsewhere … [Continue reading]