Two to Buy at Total Wine

If you read my previous post on BevMo compared to Total Wine, you know I did some wine shopping at Total Wine. Over the past two weeks, I sampled six wines I purchased from Total Wine and I found two I can recommend as Best Buy Wines. One is an old favorite and the other a White Bordeaux discovery. … [Continue reading]

Which is Better – BevMo or Total Wine?

BevMo or Total Wine

I shopped at both BevMo and Total Wine to see which store offers the best experience for bargain wine consumers. Here is what I found. BevMo in BurlingameTotal Wine at Bridgepoint BevMo or Total Wine In the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, BevMo has many more stores than Total Wine. Total … [Continue reading]

Wines we like at Mollie Stone’s + Two More

Do you have a Mollie Stone's Market near you? What I like about Mollie Stone's wine department are the many boutique wine offerings available. Many of these wines are under $20 and Best Buy Wines. On National Brands, the prices of wine at Mollie … [Continue reading]

What’s In Your Sauvignon Blanc?

markham napa valley sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc on the vine in the Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Has Many Styles Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular varieties of white wine. Sauvignon Blanc can be fermented and aged in different ways. Wine regions around the world have … [Continue reading]

Solid Cab at TJ for $2.99 and It is not Charles Shaw

$2.99 at Trader Joe's - Elsewhere as much as $12.99 Motto Backbone Cabernet Sauvignon This is a crazy Best Buy wine at Trader Joe's. The TJ wine lady tells me: "This wine is flying off the shelf. People are buying it by the case." I buy a … [Continue reading]

Carol Shelton’s Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel

Carol Shelton is one of the top winemakers in California. Her niche is Zinfandel and often she is referred to as the Queen of Zinfandel. Carol's Zinfandels are sourced from vineyards that each reflect a unique style of Zinfandel. Rockpile, Cucamonga, … [Continue reading]