Zinfandel and Zap’s Grand Tasting – Win Tickets

To all you readers of GoodCheapVino, here is your chance to win two tickets to ZAP’s Grand Zinfandel Tasting at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Saturday, January 29, 2011, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Over 250 wineries will be pouring their best Zinfandel and this is your chance to be there and discover your favorite Zinfandel wines. What an opportunity! This is the 20th annual Grand Tasting, an extremely popular event attracting nearly 10,000 Zin aficionados. The cost to attend this event is $70 per person. We have four tickets to give away, two each to two winners. These tickets have been provided to us through the good folks of the ZAP organization.

The Contest
In 100 words or less, make up a fairy tale about the derivation of the word Zinfandel. To enter, submit your fairy tale in the comment section at the end of this post. We will have a few of our wine friends be the contest judges. Your fairy tale must be entered by end of the day, January 9. We will announce the winners a few days after that. Winners will receive tickets directly from ZAP. Winners must provide their own transportation to the Grand Tasting.

If you don’t happen to win the contest, don’t let that stop you from attending. It is great fun and a memorable event. If you are a bargain wine hunter and love Zinfandel, this is your best chance to taste and compare a large number of Zin wines in your price bracket.

250 wineries at ZAP Grand Tasting 2011

If you go, follow this advice:
Get there at the start. That means you should be at the door at 1:45 and not looking for a parking space at 1:45. You are more likely to win the lottery than find a nearby parking space. If you live in or close to San Francisco, take public transportation or take a cab. If you get there early, you should be able to park your car at Marina Middle School on Fillmore Street. When you enter the hall, you will get a glass, a spit cup, and a booklet listing the wineries pouring Zins. Your most important item of the three is the spit cup; use it so you can get the most from your three hours of tasting Zinfandel wines. By 4:00 a good portion of the crowd will have been overserved and behaving badly because they didn’t spit.

Get a head start by researching the wineries that will be pouring. There is list on the ZAP website. I usually taste 3 to 5 wines and then enter notes in my booklet for any favorites. If you don’t want to do this, the next best thing to do is to take a photo with your cell phone of any Zin that really pops out to you. This way you can remember it later.

After the ZAP tasting, enter your favorite bargain Zinfandel wines in our comment section of this post. Good luck to all.


  1. Once Upon a WINE (of course!),
    There live a beautiful princess Zin. She lived a life of comfort and pleasantness. Although she was content, there was no excitement in her life. One day a handsome prince Fandel came to whisk her away. Together, they had adventures and began making wine and together came Zin-Fandel wine! A wine of love, passion and excitement and they lived happily ever after!

  2. Did I win?!?

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