Wines for January – Dreyer Sonoma Chardonnay and More

Dreyer Chardonnay Sonoma County

Delicious Chardonnay for an unheard price – Dreyer Chardonnay Sonoma County

Wines for January – what we like so far

Dreyer Chardonnay Sonoma 2015 – Weimax Wines $10.99

What’s your style of Chardonnay? The Dreyer Sonoma Chardonny is not your big, buttery, creamy or oaky Chardonnay. This wine is delightful with fresh fruit flavor, tropical notes and honey, all with a terrific mouthfeel.  I love the freshness of this wine. The Dreyer is 100% Chardonnay and mostly from the Carneros region of Sonoma. The way the wine was aged is what gives it its freshness. Aged in 8 months in 28% new oak barrels, the rest in neutral oak barrels. The aroma pops from the glass; it keeps on giving.  I will definitely buy more. 89 points.

Kirkland Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2016 – Costco $12.99

Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

The Kirkland Russian River Valley Pinot is another bargain gem from the Kirkland label. With the aroma, no need to guess the variety; it is typical Pinot Noir. The Kirkland Pinot shows beautiful red fruit, raspberry, and strawberry mixed in with some spice. It is not deep and complex, but an enjoyable and fun wine. We love this Pinot with one of our favorite salmon recipes, Salmon baked in parchment paper. We found it on the Food Wishes Website. We like the Salmon with cilantro and herbs on top. The Kirkland Pinot is as good as a $25 bottle of Pinot for sure. 89 Points for the Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

Mas Donis Old Vines – Costco $6.99

Mas Donis Old Vines - Montsant region of Spain

Mas Donis Old Vines – Montsant region of Spain

From the Montsant wine region of Spain comes this excellent wine bargain! The wine is a blend of Garnacha 85% and Syrah 15% from old bush vines. Eric Solomon is the importer, and his selections are always on the money. This is a polished wine, medium bodied and smooth drinking. It is hard to believe the price of $6.99 for a fabulous wine. 89 Points.

Rancho Sisquoc River Red Blend 2015 $9.99 – Trader Joe’s

Rancho Sisquoc River Red

Rancho Sisquoc River Red

If you can find this at a TJ,  give it a try; it is an excellent buy.  I went back for more at the Millbrae Trader Joe’s and they told me the Rancho River Red was a one-time buy and the inventory was depleted. You might get lucky and find it at another TJ.  Some stores may have requested a more abundant supply and still have it on hand. Rancho Sisquoc is in the Santa Barbara wine country, owned by the famous Flood Family of San Francisco. The Sisquoc River Blend is listed at $22 on the winery’s Website. The aroma is enormous, but the wine is much more mellow in taste. If you like big reds, this wine is not for you. The wine is a one-of-a-kind blend of 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Pinot Noir, 17% Syrah, 8% Merlot, 8% Malbec, 4% Cab Franc, 3% Sangiovese, and 3% Pt. Verdot.  Spec Sheet. The River Red Blend is food friendly and will pair nicely with many foods.  88 Points.  I hope you find it!

Something Interesting

Mushrooms are in!  Have you heard of the Blenditarian Movement? Use mushrooms chopped and mixed with your hamburger meat. Here is why:

What wine would you pair with a Blenditarian Burger?  The same as a regular burger? I’m thinking any earthy wine will improve the taste of the burger with the mushrooms. Suggestions?


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