Wine Bible Third Edition – You Need It

Wine Bible 3 rd edition

The 3rd and 2nd Editions of the Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil - Third Edition The Third Edition of Karen MacNeil's "Wine Bible" is much improved. The book offers both novices and wine experts a comprehensive look at … [Continue reading]

Oakville Grocery Stags Leap Sauvignon Blanc $12.99

O.G.C. Sauvignon Blanc Stags Leap Napa Valley at Costco $12.99 2021 O.G.C. Mercantile Sauvignon Blanc Stags Leap District 2021 O.G.C. Mercantile Sauvignon Blanc Stags Leap District is now at Costco. O.G.C. stands for the Oakville Grocery … [Continue reading]

Bargain Alert – Clay Shannon 2020 Pinot Noir

$5.99 at Trader Joe's - Clay Shannon Pinot Noir 2020 Clay Shannon Lake County Pinot Noir $5.99 at TJ's This is one of those Best Buy wine deals that will sell out quickly. For $5.99 you are getting a $20-plus bottle of wine. This Pinot Noir … [Continue reading]

Mas Donis Old Vines Montsant $12.99 – 90 Pts

From Cellar Capcanes in Montsant - Mas Donis 2018 2018 Mas Donis Old Vines Montsant KL Wines is one of the few wine merchants in the greater San Francisco Bay Area that carries this fabulous wine. The winery, or Bodega, as they say in Spain, is … [Continue reading]

Tapiz Malbec $11 – Best Buy Wine

Tapiz Malbec - A Best-Buy red wine Tapiz Malbec – One of Best-Buy Wines at BevMo I’m not a regular BevMo shopper. I have difficulty sorting through their sale prices and 5-Cent pairing deals to find best-buy wines. There is one wine I look for … [Continue reading]

Phantom Red Blend

Excellent price for the 2019 Phantom Red Phantom Red 2019 It was Vintage Wine Taster Bruce who put me on to the Phantom Red that he'd purchased at Trader Joe’s. He told me the wine drinks like a $50 bottle of wine. That got me motivated to … [Continue reading]