Mushrooms and Wine – How They Love Each Other

Cremini Mushrooms love earthy red wines Mushrooms and Wine First of all, we are not talking about psychedelic mushrooms. We are referring to edible mushrooms found in grocery stores and at farmers' markets. Wine lovers often miss out on the connection mushrooms have with food and … [Continue reading]

Cooking and Fresh Garden Tomatoes & Wine

Fresh tomatoes from the garden make great pizza toppings Cooking with fresh tomatoes from the garden Garden tomato season is peaking. What to do with all the tomatoes that are ready at once? Slice them or dice them and prepare these great dishes. Cooking ideas with fresh garden … [Continue reading]

California Rosé Wines

Blind tasting results of California Rosé wines - How we ranked them Judging Rosé wines from California wine regions Vintage Wine Tasting Club member, Joe Fama, is a huge fan of Rosé wines. Joe says now is the best time of the year to enjoy Rosé … [Continue reading]

Meiomi Brut Rosé at Grocery Outlet

This is a really good wine deal - Meiomi Brut Rosé Meiomi Brut Rosé at Grocery Outlet - $7.99 You will love this wine deal at the Grocery Outlet if you like sparkling wine. At the Redwood City Grocery Outlet, they have a floor stack of the … [Continue reading]

Pieropan & Juan Gil

2021 Pieropan Soave Classico A tasty $11.99 bottle of wine from Spain Two outstanding Best Buy Wines to Ponder One white from Italy, one red from Spain that are very delicious and worthy of a purchase. 2021 Pieropan Soave … [Continue reading]

Esteban Martin a $4.99 Wonder

Attention anyone with a Costco membership: Look for the red wine Esteban Martin. The price is $4.99, and the taste quality is worth three times as much. The 2021 vintage is so good! The Esteban Martin is a blend of … [Continue reading]