Tempranillo Wines – Battle of the Regions

We see which regions have the best Tempranillo wines The Tempranillo grape is the most famous in Spanish Wine Country. It is widely grown throughout Spain, but the grape produces the best wines in these three regions: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Toro. Rioja has the most vineyard Tempranillo … [Continue reading]

Costco White Wine to Try Now

2022 Delicious Muga White Wine Blend 2022 Delicious Muga White Wine Blend I'm savoring the delightful shift in pace offered by the exceptional white wine hailing from the Rioja region of Spain. Exploring new wines, especially as we embark on a fresh year, is always a joy. The 2022 Muga White … [Continue reading]

Best Red Wine Deal at Costco Now

2019 Condado De Haza - Ribera del Duero From the Ribero del Duero comes this beautiful robust 100% Tempranillo wine. The price at Costco is $14.99. Wine-Searcher.com indicates the average price for this wine at other wine shops is $24. I … [Continue reading]

Tasting Valpolicella Ripasso Wines

Valpolicella Ripasso Wines Valpolicella Wines from Veneto Our club of Vintage Wine Tasters meets bimonthly to blind taste and judge wines. This is the first time in our 13-year history that we have tasted Valpolicella wines. Learning about … [Continue reading]

Mushrooms and Wine – How They Love Each Other

Cremini Mushrooms love earthy red wines Mushrooms and Wine First of all, we are not talking about psychedelic mushrooms. We are referring to edible mushrooms found in grocery stores and at farmers' markets. Wine lovers often miss out on the … [Continue reading]

Cooking and Fresh Garden Tomatoes & Wine

Fresh tomatoes from the garden make great pizza toppings Cooking with fresh tomatoes from the garden Garden tomato season is peaking. What to do with all the tomatoes that are ready at once? Slice them or dice them and prepare these great … [Continue reading]