Wine Gadgets and Wine Books Make Excellent Gifts

Now is the time to shop online and order something special for the wine aficionado.  Wine books, decanters, wine glasses, and cork pullers will make your wine-lover relative or friend very happy. Wine gadgets are always fun.

Ideas for wine gifts

great wine books

I just received a fantastic coffee table book to review, “The Winemakers of Paso Robles.” I love the Paso Robles wine country as well as photography. This book written by Paul Hodgins tells the story of 50 winemakers in Paso Robles. We learn in detail how each of them became a winemaker and discovered the Paso Robles region. The photos by Julia Perez are stunning. I have a lot of wine photo books on my bookshelves, but the photos in this book are special.

My list of favorite wine books

wine gadgets

Must-have cork pullers plus other gadgets, wine, and cookbooks

Wine gadgets are so useful! These are essential gadgets that I rank as “must have.” Not only are they fun and impressive, but they are also useful. Do you have an “ahso” cork puller? How about a proper wine decanter?

My list of must-have wine gadgets

Most wine lovers are also excellent cooks. Why not add a recent and exciting cookbook to the wine lover’s library. A new cookbook that also teaches is “Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking.”  The author is Samin Nonsrat, a world-famous chef. The book has improved my cooking.  I also like to match wines from different countries with foods from the wine originated from. You need a Spanish, French, and Italian cookbook.

Salt, fat, acid, heat

Learn how to use these four elements to improve your recipes

My list of favorite cookbooks

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