Wine Bible Third Edition – You Need It

The 3rd and 2nd Editions of the Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil
The 3rd and 2nd Editions of the Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil – Third Edition

The Third Edition of Karen MacNeil’s “Wine Bible” is much improved. The book offers both novices and wine experts a comprehensive look at wine and the world’s wine regions. I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in learning about wine. There is always more to learn.

The third edition is more extensive than the first two editions. This latest edition has color photos and improved charts and graphics. There is more depth on many of the obscure wine regions of the world. For example, we might be familiar with Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Rhone in France. But do you know about wines from the Languedoc or the Jura? In short, the book is a fantastic guide to wine.

A great way to learn about wines is to buy wines from worldwide wine regions. Whenever you buy a bottle of wine, turn to the “Wine Bible” to learn more about the wine region where your wine came from. It will make drinking that glass of wine more meaningful.

By the way, over one million copies of the “Wine Bible” have been sold.

You can check the “Wine Bible” out of most city Libraries, but the book’s beauty is that it is a fantastic reference tool. Keep it on your wine bookshelf and use it when drinking, pairing, or cooking with wine. Your questions will be answered. Buy the Wine Bible from Amazon

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