Wine and Cheese – What cheese with what wine

wine and cheese pairings

Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese – Guide to pairing wine and cheese

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. What wines do you serve with cheese? What types of cheese go with what wines? We learned much about cheese from the Cheese Twins. The Cheese Twins spoke at our recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, Washington. These identical twins are a kick and are enjoying traveling the world, especially Paris, searching for fine cheese. At the conference, the Cheese Twins provided four types of cheese (above photo) and wines to match. We tasted, we pondered, we learned.

Next time you have some guests or family over, try a cheese board and two or more wines to pair with the cheese. Start with a mild cheese and work up to strong cheese. Add some nuts and dried fruit to clear the palate. It is a fun activity. If you are not sure how to choose your cheese selection, I found this terrific four-cheese package at Costco for $10.99. It is from the Marin French Cheese Company in Petaluma, California.

Pairing cheese and wine

Marin French Cheese four-pack at Costco for $10.99

On the opposite side of the package are wine-pairing suggestions for each cheese. In addition to wine, the Marin French Cheese Company also has beer and apple hard cider suggestions. What a deal at Costco for $10.99!

Wine pairing suggestions for each cheese.

Wine pairing suggestions for each cheese.

Wine and cheese pairing: A general rule, pair soft cheese with white wine, hard cheese with red. If you want to dive deeper into pairing wine and cheese, I found these resources to be helpful.

My preference is to serve white wine, rather than red wine, with cheese. I also think sparkling wine is a fantastic choice. I feel like cheese on the palate dampers the flavors of red wine.  Use these two resources for Chardonnay and Sparkling wine suggestions.

Four Excellent Cheese Resources

  • The Cheese Twins have a fantastic Website. I love the short recipe videos and all the other cheese advice.
  • Cheeses of Europe: The best resource is the Cheese App. Download it to your smartphone and when you hit a cheese shop, use it to find out about the cheese. Use the App to filter out cheese according to type, flavor, and milk.
  • Marin French Cheese: How to serve on a cheese board, plus other fantastic cheese information. Recipes!
  • Wine Country Table – Ultimate Shopping List of Cheeses for Wine Lovers

Do you have a favorite wine and cheese pairing? Please let us know in the comment section.

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