Wild Horse Pinot Noir 2012

Wild Horse Pinot Noir from Paso Robles

Wild Horse Pinot Noir from Paso Robles

Wild Horse Central Coast Pinot Noir 2012 – Costco $11.49

We have had a busy 10 days attending a couple of graduations and a wedding. At one of the grad parties the host was pouring Wild Horse Pinot Noir 2012. The wine is widely available at Costco Stores and Costco is currently running a special on this wine. It is $13.89, but at the checkout counter a $2.40 rebate is given. Total price is $11.49. I think this is an excellent buy at this price. The Wild Horse Pinot Noir is on the lighter side and more of a traditional Pinot Noir. Many of the new breed of Pinot Noirs are big and bold, almost Zinfandel like. This Pinot has gentle fruit flavors of black cherry and raspberry, with a nice aftertaste. The alcohol is 13.5%. It makes a great party wine that won’t break the bank. It is King Salmon season in Northern California, and this wine is a perfect choice for grilled King Salmon. On the Wild Horse online wine shop the SRP is $20. 88 Points

Gnarly Head California Pinot Noir 2012

I received a sample of this wine along with a Gnarly Cabernet. The Gnarly Pinot Noir sells for about $9 in wine shops and supermarkets and is widely available. This Pinot Noir is totally in contrast to the Wild Horse. It is much more “gnarly” in style with a much bolder approach. The wine has deep spice and cherry flavors. I much prefer the lighter style of Pinot Noir. If you like big Pinots with black cherry, this one is worth a try for under $10. 86 Points

Gnarly Head Pinot Noir 2012

Gnarly Head California Pinot Noir

Four Vines Skeptic Petite Sirah 2012 BevMo – $12.50 if you buy two

The Skeptic Petite Sirah is part of the BevMo “5 Cent” Sale. I tried locating this wine elsewhere but could not find it. Perhaps it is an exclusive deal with BevMo. This wine has the typical deep, dark, inky color of a Petite Sirah. I think at this price it is a very excellent buy. $25 for a single bottle is way over the top. One of my wine friends loved the wine and immediately went back and purchased a case to let sit for a couple of years or more. Petite Sirah is one of my favorite wines and, while this one is good, it lacks the depth and complexity of a fine Petite Sirah. On the BevMo Website it lists the 2011 as being in stock, but the Burlingame store only had the 2012 vintage. The Wine Spectator gave the 2011 Skeptic a 92-point rating. The 2012 is certainly worth a try and I will rate this wine at 87 Points.

Four vines Petite

Four Vines Skeptic Petite Sirah 2012

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