Why you need to think about your wine glass

think about your wine glass
Many types of wine glasses, why you need one good one

Think about your wine glass

Yes indeed, there is something to using the proper wine glass. A wine glass with its shape, size and looks will make wine more enjoyable and entertaining. Let’s break it down.

Appearance, Aroma, Taste – Tulip shaped wine glass

You pour a nice white or red wine into a glass, and the first thing you notice is the appearance of the wine. The color tells you a lot about the wine. It is easier to appreciate the appearance of the wine in a clear wine glass. No decorations, color, or fancy glass; just clear glass.

The second step in appreciating wine is the aroma. The characteristics of the wine pop from a good tulip-shaped wine glass. I like large glasses so you can fill the wine just below halfway, or maybe just a third full. This gives you room to swirl the wine, as well as let the wine aerate or breathe as it sits in the glass. Stick your nose into the glass and take a sniff. You really cannot do that unless you have a nice size tulip-shaped wine glass.

The final step is tasting the wine. A thin wine glass will allow you to savor the wine just a tad more.

On the wine market, there is a dazzling array of wine glasses that are styled to bring out the best in each variety of wine. There are Chardonnay glasses, Pinot Noir glasses, and Bordeaux glasses. If you can, get those because it adds a bit more fun to wine drinking. However, you really don’t need all those, just all-purpose tulip-shaped wine glass.

think about your wine glass
Tulip-shaped wine glasses – the all purpose wine glass for tasting wine

Janelle loves a sparkling wine aperitif and demands that it be in a champagne flute. Why, because she likes watching the bubbles rise from the bottom to the top of the glass. Plus, it’s traditional in the world of Champagne and sparkling wine. Drinking sparkling wine out of tulip-shaped glass is perfectly okay.

Think about your wine glass
The beauty of a Rosé wine in a clear wine glass

Where to buy wine glasses

Cost Plus World Market, BevMo, Total Wine, Ikea, Crate &. Barrel, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond all carry a nice variety of glasses. Expect to pay about $5 to $8 for a decent wine glass. Amazon shoppers have lots of wine glasses to choose from. The most expensive glasses are Riedel.

It is best if you hand wash a wine glass with hot water. Forget the dishwashing soap, as it tends to leave a residue on the glass. That will certainly detract from the aroma and flavors of the wine. We like this wine towel for cleaning wine glasses.

think about your wine glass
Wine glasses at Crate & Barrel

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