Why You Need an Italian Barbera in Your Wine Cellar


Vintage Wine Taster’s favorite Barbera

Why you need an Italian Barbera in your wine cellar

First thing, have you tried an Italian Barbera? Barbera is the name of the grape and is the third most planted grape in Italy. The most noted wines produced from the Barbera grape come from the Piedmonte region in and around the towns of Barbera d’Alba and Barbera d’Asti. Why you need an Italian Barbera in your wine cellar is because the wine’s low tannins and high acidity make it a wonderful match with tomato-based pasta dishes. The fresh red and black fruit, along with the acidity, bring out the best in many Italian dishes. Italian Barbera wines are valued priced and offer an enjoyable change-of-pace from big and bold Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet wines. Vintage Wine Taster Jim hosted a blind tasting of six Barbera wines from Italy.  These are the wines we tasted and the order in which we ranked these scrumptious Barbera wines.

  • 2012 Augustino Pavia Moliss Barbera d’Asti Superiore $18
  • 2013 Silvano Bolmida Barbera d’Alba Superiore K&L Wines $20
  • 2013 Massolino Barbera d’Alba Weimax $25
  • 2010 Antica Casa Scarpa – The Wine House $17
  • 2014 Bosio Barbera d’Asti Grocery Outlet $6
  • 2013 Rivella Barbera d’Alba Superiore $25 K&L Wines

There are several California wines that also produce a Barbera wine. Most of these wineries are in the Sierra Foothills. Generally, the California Barbera wines are heavier in style than the Italian Barbera wines and are also priced higher. Why not head down to the local wine shop and pick up a few Barbera wines to sample over the next few weeks. Barbera will make an interesting and delighful addition to your wine collection.



Road sign in the Piedmonte region of Italy.


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