Why You Need a Good Wine Shop

Yes, we have Total Wine, BevMo, Costco, and big grocery stores, with loads of wine. But can you get help at these stores finding wines suitable for you? Probably not! I have shopped extensively at all these stores and found little help to be there. However, I have a lot of experience with wine, so I only need help occasionally finding a unique wine. For that, I turn to my local wine shop to get all my needed help.

Bacchus wine shop
Wine racks at the Bacchus Wine Shop

Why You Need a Good Wine Shop

A good shop proprietor will taste wines regularly. Wine distributors and salespeople will call on a wine shop with wine in hand for tasting. A good wine proprietor will select wines that are excellent and appropriate in price.

A good shop proprietor owner will not go by Wine Spectator scores or Robert Parker scores. Instead, they will use their wine-tasting skills and knowledge to determine if a wine is worth carrying in their shop.

If you shop at the same wine store frequently, a good wine shop owner will get to know your tastes and be able to recommend wines for you to try.

I frequently go into my local wine shop and ask questions like this: “I’m having a dinner party and serving grilled Halibut with scalloped potatoes. In addition, I’m having a blueberry Gailette for dessert. Please recommend some wines for both under $20.” Gerald will immediately go to shelves and pull several bottles for my selection. Do you think you might get that service at the big wine store? I don’t think so!

How to Find a Good Wine Shop

  • Do a search on the Internet for “A good wine shop near me.”
  • Check review websites like Yelp and Google to see what wine shops people like.
  • Wine Aps like Delectable and Vivino might be able to help.
  • You may have to travel outside your town or city to find a good wine shop.
  • Read Good Cheap Vino for wine recommendations – shop for good wine

I found a good source for wine shops on The Wine Daily. It is an excellent resource. However, they did miss my favorite wine shop: Weimax on Broadway in Burlingame.

why you need a good wine shop and proprietor
Excellent wine shop on Broadway in Burlingame