Why an Albariño – Two to Try

Those who regularly read GoodCheapVino.com know that we are big fans of Albariño wine. In 2005, Janelle and I traveled to Spain for a four-week wine adventure. We sat outdoors at a Tapas joint in Santiago de Compostela. We ordered Pimientos Padron and a glass each of Albariño. It was the first time we’d tasted an Albariño wine.

We told our server how much we enjoyed the wine. He made a suggestion. “Travel to the Atlantic Coast town of Cambados. It is only an hour away on AP9. Cambados is the center of Albariño activity. It is harvest time, a joyous time for all, especially for those who farm Albariño vineyards.” So off we went. It was one of our most memorable trips. Since then we have been hooked on good Spanish Albariño wine. More on the Albariño grape.

The town of Cambados. Small plots of Albariño owned by individuals

Two Albariño Wines to Try

You like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, maybe Viognier or a Riesling, but do you enjoy Albariño wine? My guess is that many of our readers have not had the pleasure of experiencing an Albariño wine. Here are two very good Albariño wines to try now.

2017 Turonia Albariño

Albarino wine
Delicious, mouthwatering Albariño

We recently purchased the Turonia Albariño at Weimax Wines on Broadway in Burlingame. The price is $19.99. Some would say the price is on the high side of most Albariño offerings from Spain. It is well worth the price. This is a fantastic Albariño wine.

The mouthfeel is generous with layers of flavors including lemon, lime, peach, other aromatic fruit. It’s a wine that keeps on giving. There is some minerality and that adds a bit of complexity to the wine.

The fact that Gerald at Weimax carries the wine means it is excellent. I give it 90 Points. W.S. rates it at 91 Points.

2017 La Cana Albariño

Try Albarino wines
La Cana Albariño 2017 – Lovely and Bright

I purchased the La Cana at the Redwood City Costco store for $12.49. Costco has carried La Cana’s past vintages. This is the latest vintage in a line of fantastic Albariño wines.

A tad lighter in style than the Turonia, but excellent as well. Peach is the dominant characteristic, along with lemon. The acidity makes for a crisp Spring or Summer wine. Tangy flavors mark the La Cana Albariño.

Foods we like with Albariño wine


  1. Hi,

    I discovered La Cana at the Costco in Cabo San Lucas. Our “house white” when we are there. And, hold on, the prices there is under $4.00 or 78 pesos.

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