White Bordeaux Challenge

White Bordeaux wines

Blind tasting of six White Bordeaux wines

The White Bordeaux Challenge

This past Tuesday, the Vintage Wine Tasters blind tasted six White Bordeaux wines. When we think of Bordeaux, we immediately picture the famous Grand Cru Bordeaux wines that are very expensive. The fact is that 90% of the wines produced in Bordeaux are red wines. However the less famous White Bordeaux wines, as we learned in this blind tasting, are indeed very worthy wines.  Overall, we were quite impressed by the quality and price of these wines.

Vintage Wine Taster George hosted our wine tasting and lunch. George sampled several White Bordeaux wines before selecting the final six wines for the blind tasting. George found most of the White Bordeaux wines at the Weimax Wine Shop on Broadway in Burlingame. Owner Gerald Weisel has an extensive hand-picked selection of European wines. It is not too often that one finds White Bordeaux wines on the shelf. Most wine shops carry one or two. White Bordeaux wines are mostly Sauvignon Blanc, but usually have small amounts of Semillon added to give a rounded mouthfeel. These white wines from Bordeaux have a much different style than Sauvignon Blanc wines from California or New Zealand. They are dry with subtle aromatics and balanced acidity. Too often California and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines are much too strong, with citrus and gooseberry character. It is very nice to find this change of pace in the White Bordeaux wines.

Ranking of six White Bordeaux Wines

  1. Chateau Lestrille (Entre-Deux-Mers) 2013. $12.00 – Weimax
  2. Chateau Mirambeau (Entre-Deux-Mers) 2011. $21.00 – Weimax
  3. Chateau Sainte-Marie (Entre-Deux-Mers) 2012. $15.00 – Weimax
  4. Clos Floridene (Graves) 2011. $30.00 – Weimax
  5. Chateau Bousquet (Graves) 2012. From $10.50 – $16.00 – Safeway, Burlingame
  6. Chateau Des Gravieres (Graves) 2012. $17.00 – Table Wine, Pacifica

The Chateau Lestrille is in our estimation a fantastic bargain wine for only $12 at Weimax. It contains a different blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc,  20% Sauvignon Gris, 10% Semillon, and 10% Muscadelle. It has a beautiful aroma and a great mouthfeel.  For $12, this is quite a wine value and bargain. Why not go out and find one or two White Bordeaux wines and give them a try? Tell us what you think.

A few past blinding tasting results

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