VinoPal to the Rescue

Red Car Sonoma Chardonnay for $26 – 32% off the retail price

Another way to discover wine bargains. It is VinoPal.

Helping Artisan Wineries of Sonoma and Napa

The small boutique and artisan wineries of the Napa Valley, Sonoma, and elsewhere are feeling the economic pinch of the COVID Pandemic. These are small wineries that do not have the distribution methods of larger wineries. These wineries largely depend on sales to restaurants and wine country travelers who come to taste their wine.

Vinopal to the rescue! Vinopal is working with these smaller wineries to bring wines to the consumer at significantly reduced prices. The price is equal to what the middle-man, a distributor or retailer, pays. From the consumer and winery standpoint, Vinopal is a Win-Win situation. The consumer gets a wholesale price, and the winery makes a sale on their wine.

Here is how this works. You join VinoPal and check-in each day to see the wine offering for the day (we will get a daily email also). If you like the wine, you can buy as much as you can until it is gone. Shipping costs are free with orders of 4 to 6 bottles, depending on the wine!!!

GoodCheapVino’s role in this is on an affiliate basis. We checked out the wineries Vinopal is partnering with and we think there is potential for finding wine bargains.

Each wine sale to an individual coming from our Website will result in a finder’s fee. It won’t be much, but we hope enough to offset some of our fees for Web hosting and various other charges. We hope you’ll join Vinopal now; there is no obligation: Click here to sign up!

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