Verdejo at its Best

My latest Good Cheap Vino discovery is the 2020 Carrasvinas Verdejo. The Carrasvinas Verdejo is at the Foster City Costco at the ridiculous price of $7.99.

2020 Carrasvinas Verdejo

From Spain’s Rueda wine region – 2020 Carrasvinas $7.99 at Costco

We enjoyed this wine so much that we went back to our Costco the next day and purchased a case. Who knows how long it will last at Costco? You snooze, you lose. We are adding the 2020 Carrasvinas Verdejo to our wine cache for our big birthday party celebration later in the month. The guests will love this wine.

Tasting Notes

The 2020 Carrasvinas is 100% Verdejo grape from 100-year-old vines growing in the Rueda wine region of Spain. The Rueda wine area is about 2 hours northwest of Madrid. Many compare a Verdejo to a Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, France. While there are some similarities, a Verdejo wine is different, crisper, and lighter. In the 2020 Carrasvinas, we love the lemon notes, and even a little apple flavor. The wine is in perfect balance, with just the right amount of acidity. It is bright and refreshing. The Carrasvinas is an incredible bargain white wine at $7.99. According to, this wine sells elsewhere for the average price of $14. Even at $14, it is an excellent best-buy wine. It is fun and exciting, and perfect in an outdoor setting on a Fall day. The critics also like this wine. The Wine Advocate rates it at 91 points. The noted Spanish wine critic Guia Penin awards it 90 Points. We also like it at 90 Points.

Food Pairings

Shellfish, seafood, oysters and fried calamari are lovely matches. Do you like Octopus? Have it with this wine. Chicken and rice dishes will also go well with the 2020 Carrasvinas. It is a versatile wine when paired with lighter dishes.

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  1. I loved this wine. Sadly, by the time I got around to trying it, it was no longer available at Costco. I snoozed and lost.

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