Valley of the Moon Blend 41 2012

Valley of the Moon Blend 41 2012

A delicious Tuscan blend from Madrone Vineyards in Sonoma Valley

Valley of the Moon Blend 41 2012 – Safeway $13.50 – six pack price

There are always a few standout wine buys at the Safeway and this is one of them. The Valley of the Moon Blend 41 2012 at the price of $13.50 is an absolute steal. This label is produced by the Madrone Vineyards Estate in Sonoma Valley. On the Madrone Vineyard online wine shop, the wine sells for $25. The winery calls it a Tuscan blend. It truly is a red blend; it consists of 9 different grapes. Here they are: Zinfandel 38%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%, Syrah 14%, Merlot 10%, Sangiovese 9%, Souzão 5%, Barbera 5%, Petite Sirah 3%, and Pinot Noir 1%. The wine was originally produced for the winery’s 150-year anniversary and they have been making this blend since. The winey has a founding date of 1863 and has had several owners over the years. In 2012 the Stewart family purchased the winery from the Heck family and returned the name from Valley of the Moon Winery to its original name of Madrone Vineyards Estate.

This is a tasty wine from start to finish. Right off, the aromas are abundant.  The flavors keep giving and they are deep and layered. The finish is long, lingering, and lusty. I went back to my Burlingame Safeway store and they were out of the 2012. There were three 2010’s left on the shelf. Off to the Millbrae Safeway where I was able to purchase some. There were five bottles left on the shelf. The problem at Safeway is you ask someone for help and you get little. The guy stocking the shelves did not know if there was more in storage or not and he was not about to look.  Let us know if you find this wine at your Safeway. It’s a really good wine and I rate it at 90 Points.

Note: In the blend, the grape Souzão comprises 5% of the Blend 41. I had to look the grape up because I hadn’t heard of it previously. It is a Portuquese grape and used for Port. Madrone uses Souzão in their Port wine.

About this wine from  the Madrone Vineyards Estate Website:  “A tribute to the year of our founding and our Italian roots, Blend ‘41 is our Sonoma expression of a Super Tuscan with a lush, dark fruit character and rich flavors of berry and plum.  Hints of leather and tobacco round out the palate balanced with soft tannins and a hint of oak.”

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