Two Zinfandel Wines – OZV vs Rocky Top

Zinfandel Wines – OZV vs Rocky Top

This week we tasted these two Zinfandel wines, both from the 2014 vintage.  The OZV is from Lodi and is a popular Zinfandel wine produced in large case numbers by Oak Ridge Winery. It sells on average for $9. Costco and some Nob Hill stores carry the OZV. The Sobon Rocky Top is from the Amador wine region in the Shenandoah Valley and carries an average price tag of $14.  These are two very different styles of Zinfandel wines.

2014 OZV – Tasting Notes

The OZV (Old Zin Vines) is a heavy-duty, spicy and jammy Zinfandel. It has a lingering spicy aftertaste. It is woody, oaky from aroma to finish. The OZV recently hit the jackpot when the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition awarded it the “Best of Class” for Zinfandel wines priced up to $14.99. That’s quite an honor for this big boy wine. Many red wine drinkers who like a robust style of Zinfandel will find the OZV a good choice. It is nicely made, but I prefer a much less restrained style of Zinfandel. 87 Points.

2014 Sobon Rocky Top Zinfandel – Tasting Notes

The Sobon Rocky Top Zinfandel has long been one of our favorite red wine bargains. We reviewed the 2013 Rocky Top Zin in August of 2016. We found the 2014 Rocky Top Zin at the Nob Hill Market in Redwood Shores. Most likely, it is also at Mollie Stone’s stores for around $14. K&L Wines sells the Rocky Top for $13.99. We very much enjoyed the 2013, and this current vintage is equal to or better than the 2013. It is medium bodied in style, with delicious spice flavoring and balanced fruitiness. This Zin is much more restrained than the OZV, making it a delightful-drinking wine and very food friendly. The Wine Enthusiast gives it 90 Points and their “Editors Choice” award. I will rate the Rocky Top at 89 Points. Another bonus: The grapes were sustainably farmed by Sobon. Sobon sells the Rocky Top for $18 on their online wine shop.

Use or to find the OZV or the Rocky Top near where you live.

Back Label for the OZV and Rocky Top



  1. I agree with your assessment of these two wines. OZV is huge, over the top mouthful of wine that is too much for me. Sobon makes some delicious Zins of which Rocky Top is only one of many. The reserve Zin is especially delicious. A trip to the winery is well worth the time. You’ll taste wines that are only sold at the winery. A plus is that there are many Shenandoah Valley wineries worth visiting on the way to Sobon. Andis is a favorite of mine.

    • Yes, the Shenandoah Valley in Amador is a fantastic wine country trip. We are headed there with friends in mid-February. I am adding Borjon and Bella Grace to your winery recommendations.

  2. I recently (4/28/17) found Sobon 2014 Rocky Top zin at BevMo for $11.99 a bottle. That is a very good price for a quality zin. The Sobon website lists this wine for $18.00. The 15% off a case discount does not get the price down even close to $11.99. Furthermore, I just got a BevMo coupon for $10 off a $75 purchase. This takes the per bottle cost down to around $10.50 a bottle. I bought the 6 bottles my BevMo had on the shelf.

  3. As of last week, Sobon Rocky Top Zin 2014 newly is available at my local CostCo (Folsom, CA) for $9.89 per bottle. IMO, that is a very good price for a very good Zin (which is $11.99 at BevMo). I plan to hold a couple backyard BBQ parties that will feature this wine.

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