Two Wines at Costco – Under $6

For those who seek Good Cheap Vino under $10, here are two we recommend at Costco. From Fetzer comes a well-crafted Merlot for $4.99. In the white wine category, Costco is offering a $5.99 wine from Robleo, one of the few Mexican-owned wineries in California.

Fetzen Merlot at Costco $5
Fetzer Merlot for $4.99 at Costco

Fetzer Merlot – $4.99 Costco

The 2016 Fetzer Merlot has a price tag of $4.99 at Costco. Elsewhere the Fetzer Merlot is priced in the $9 to $10 range. If the savings is not enough motivation to try the wine, how about a 90-Point and Best-Buy rating from the Wine Enthusiast?

At the Costco price, I think the Fetzer Merlot is a terrific Best Buy Wine. Pay $10, and I am not sure about the price-to-quality benefit. The Fetzer Merlot drinks well enough for those on a tight wine budget. It has some rough edges, but overall the taste is quite decent. I rate it 87 Points. It is a good barbecue wine.

The Fetzer Winery is in Mendocino County and is famous for its pioneering in sustainable vineyard farming. The Fetzer Family started the winery in 1968. The Family was one of the first in the wine industry to adopt Biodyanmic Farming and other sustainable practices. They sold the winery for a bundle to the Brown-Forman Corporation. In 2011 Brown-Forman sold the winery to one of Chile’s biggest wineries, Concha y Toro. Concha y Toro continues to uphold the standards set by the Fetzer Family, sustainably- farmed wines and reasonable price points.

Robledo Lake County Sauvignon Blanc

Robledo Sauavignon Blanc 2016
Robledo Sauavignon Blanc 2016

The Robledo Seven Brothers Lake County Sauvignon Blanc is a generic white wine. The taste is good, perhaps a tad sweet but quite refreshing. There is not much flavor profile in terms of tropical notes or citrus characteristics. Nonetheless, the price point makes it more appealing. It is a good wine for a summer event, outdoor picnic, BBQ gathering, etc.

I rate the wine at 86 Points. Elsewhere the wine sells for $10. Costco is currently offing a $2 rebate from the $7.99 regular price. How long this will last is unknown.

The story of the Robledo Family and how they became vineyard and winery owners is a heartwarming story. Go to this link to read more about the Robledo Family.

Safeway wine sale

Wine is always on sale at Safeway. Currently, the wine is 20% off, plus an additional 20% off if you buy six bottles. It’s hard to figure what the original price really is and how much discount one is getting at the check out counter. I like these two deals at the six-pack price, mix-or-match. Carol Shelton Wild Thing Rosé ($10.95) and the Carol Shelton Wild Thing Zinfandel ($14.20) Both are from Mendocino and delicious.

Carol Shelton Wild Thing
Carol Shelton Wild Thing – Rosé and Zinfandel

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