Two Remarkable Spanish Wines at Costco

Spanish wines continue to be one of the best values for prudent wine shoppers. While many wines continue to skyrocket in price because of inflation, tariffs, and shortages, those from Spain offer outstanding wines at affordable prices. Here are two remarkable Spanish wines at Costco, one red and one white. These wines are easily worth twice the cost in quality and enjoyment.

2019 Ramon Do Casar Ribeiro White $13.49

Ramon Do Casar white wine from the Ribeiro region of Spain
White wine from Treixadura grapes

The Ramon Do Casar Ribeiro white wine was a surprise find for us. Many years ago, we drove through the Ribeiro wine region on the way to the village of Cambados. We tried a few Ribeiro wines, but once back in California, Ribeiro wines were few and far between. This Ribeiro is the first I have found at Costco, and I am very excited about this wine.

The tag on the bottle shows a 95-Point rating from Decanter Magazine, one of the most respected wine publications. Decanter is out of England and run by wine critic Jancis Robinson. That rating speaks volumes about the wine.

Tasting Notes

This wine is dry and much different in style from the norm of Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc, and the like. The Ribeiro is a complex set of characteristics in aroma and taste. The wine has tropical flavors, plus a stony mineral character. The principal grape is Treixadura, plus some Albariño and Godello. The Treixadura grape is exotic. The alcohol is a mere 12.5%. I rate the wine an easy 90 Points, and I will buy more. My friend purchased this wine at the Novato Costco store for one dollar more, $14.99. Go figure!

As far as food matches, seafood is perfect, as well as light chicken dishes.

2018 Ritme Cellar Red Priorat

Ritme Priorat red wine
Ritme – Delicious and complex red from Spain’s Priorat

There are only two wine regions in Spain that have achieved the designation for the highest level of quality. The Rioja and the Priorat (DOQ). Two factors contribute to the quality of the Priorat wines. The vines are old, many over 100 years. The second factor is the black slate soil in which the grapes grow. The Spanish call this soil Llicorella. Because of these two factors, the vines yield a small number of grapes with intense flavors. Many Priorat wines are expensive, but not the 2018 Ritme Cellars. The Ritme at Costco is $18.99. The Ritme is a spectacular-tasting red wine.

Tasting Notes

The Ritme is a deep, complex wine with a delicious mix of dark cherry and berry characteristics. The Ritme carries a beautiful balance of tannins and acidity. Then, behind all this is the subtle flinty flavor from the black slate soil. The blend is 55% Garnacha and 45% Carignane. The grapes come from various select vineyards in the Priorat. The wine was aged for ten months in French oak barrels. The Ritme has numerous high ratings, including 91 Points from the Wine Spectator, 92 Points from Vinous, and 90 Points from the Wine Advocate. 91 Points from Good Cheap Vino. We have been back to Costco for a half-case purchase.

The Ritme is a perfect red meat wine. Get that Marinated Tri-Tip on the grill and you have the perfect dinner.

The black slate soil of the Priorat
The black slate soil of the Priorat – Llicorella

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