Two Reds at Costco

We recently purchased two reds from our local Costco Store. Both are red blends. From Portugal, we have a $5.99 wine, and from Sonoma comes a Francis Ford Coppola Claret for $13.89. Which one is the better wine?

Red Blend Portugal by Casa Santos Lima 2017 $5.99

Red Blend Portugal deliveres a tasty wine
Red Blend Portugal deliveres a tasty wine

Vintage Wine Taster Bruce put me on to this wine. He recommended the Red Blend Portugal via an email alert to our wine club members. On my next shopping trip to my Costco, I purchased one bottle. Sure enough, Bruce was right on the money. This wine delivers a lot bang for the buck. Next Costco trip, I buy a six-pack. It is a great wine to have on hand for an afternoon or evening gathering.

I love the balance in this wine; it drinks with a gentle character of red fruit. It is medium bodied. The alcohol is 13%, and that makes for a nice sipping and food-friendly wine. This wine is tasty from start to finish. It appears to be a buy-out for Costco, and when the inventory is sold, no more Red Blend Portugal 2017 for a restock. The Wine Enthusiast rates it at 90 Points at price point of $20. I go with a solid 88 Points.

My search on the Web for the Red Blend Portugal turned up nothing on the blend of red grapes in the wine or how is was made. Anyone out there have more information?

Diamond Series Claret 2016 $13.89

The California AVA Claret

The Claret is mostly Cabernet with 21% Petit Verdot, and 4% Petite Sirah. The AVA is listed as California. That means a lot of this wine came from vineyards outside of Francis Ford Coppola’s Geyseville winery in Sonoma County.

Right off the bat, the rich vanilla and cedar character overpowered the entire wine-drinking experience. Despite all the rave reviews for this wine (91 Points from Wine Enthusiast), I found it too much for my palate. I can buy two bottles of the Red Blend Portugal for the price of one bottle of the 2016 Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Black Label Claret.

One interesting note on the Claret, I tried it the following day and the wine tasted much better. Give it breathing time.


  1. I tried the Santos Lima and was very pleased with the quality of fruit and medium body provided for the price.😀 well worth getting multiple bottles for your summer gatherings. Proof positive that there are excellent wines and good price points. Great wine tip…

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