Two Off-the-Radar White Wines

Two “off-the-radar” white wines, one from Italy and one from France, are both excellent wines to try. No, they are not Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or Viognier. What makes these two wines interesting are the grapes from which they are produced. One is 100% Garganega, the other predominately Semillion. Let’s find out more about these two white wines.

2016 Tamellini Soave – Weimax Wines – $13.99

Back in the day, we drank some terrible Soave wines that we purchased in 1.5-liter sizes. The Soave wines were inexpensive, say less than $2 a bottle. The Soave wine region of Italy had lived with that reputation of mediocre wines until recent times. Soave produces white wines, and almost all are the variety of grape Garganega. We have been to Soave and toured the wineries. Just about all the wineries still pour simple bulk white wines for the locals. Customers bring in their wine jugs and, just like a gas station, juice is pumped into the jugs. The containers are weighed and the customers pay by the liter. Do any California wineries do this? The Soave wineries also produce higher-quality wines these days, and the Tamellini Soave is one of them.

bulk soave wines

Bulk wines poured from a wine pump. Wine is charged by the liter, just like petrol

The 2016 Tamellini Soave is a very different taste than we are used to in the white wine department. The aromatics are very pleasing as is the mouthfeel. The Tamellini Soave is dry and crisp but has a softness to it that is very appealing.  The Tamellini’s wine spent five to six months in stainless steel tanks fermenting and aging. This Soave makes a good choice for a cocktail wine and goes well with many light dishes.  I rate the Tamellini at 88 Points. The Tamellin Soave is an example of what a good wine shop can offer its clients that cannot be duplicated by the big wine retailers. See Weimax Wines

Clos Des Lunes Lune D’Argent 2015 – Costco $14.99

The Clos Des Lunes is a White Bordeaux, a blend of 70% Semillon and 30% Sauvignon Blanc.  Aging is five to six months, 75% in small vats, the rest in barrels. Clos Des Lunes is located in the Sauterne region of  Bordeaux. We really enjoyed this wine with our Friday night Petrale Sole dinner. The wine has great aromatics, lemon, and tropical character. The wine is tangy and dry, with a layered mouthfeel. Serve this wine at a dinner party and it will bring many wonderful comments. I rate it at 90 Points. James Suckling gives it 93 Points,  the Wine Advocate 90 Points.

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