Two 90-Point Costco Pinot Noir wines under $14

More Costco Pinot Noir “Picks” that will not break the bank brought you by the Vintage Wine Tasters.

Cloisonné Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 2013 – Costco $10.99


Delicious Pinot Noir for under $10

Vintage wine taster Mike, who we call the Sherlock Holmes of finding wine bargains, discovered this Pinot Noir gem at the Foster City Costco. Here is what he has to say about the wine: “I had the Cloisonné Pinot with dinner and tasted it over three hours. This is such a good deal! It is 14.4% alcohol but totally smooth with strawberries and soft oak overtones. It has such a pretty mouth feel and long finish. The Cloisonné has deep typical Pinot Noir characters that fill the palate with layers of red rose and smoke. The longer it was open the more aromatics that came out. I think this is a real winner and will buy more bottles this week. Only 900 cases were made of this wine so do not expect to find it at all Costco stores. I am rating the Cloisonné 90 Points.”

Robert Goyette Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2012 – Costco $13.99

Vintage Taster Jim was so enamored with this wine, he gave me a bottle to try. This is an outstanding Pinot Noir in every sense of the word. It is light in style with beautiful spice throughout. The finish lingers long and satisfying. I could not find the Goyette at the Foster City store, but they have plenty at the South San Francisco Airport store. While I was at the S.S.F. store,  I searched for Mike’s Cloisonné but they did not have it there. Go figure! Things seem to be crazy at the S.S.F store. Last time I was there they had moved the wine department to the middle of the store.  On this visit it was back where it had been before, in the back right of the store. If you find the Goyette Pinot Noir at your Costco, do not pass it up, especially if you are a traditional Pinot Noir wine buff. The Sonoma Coast is “hot” right now for the growing of Pinot Noir. I mean “hot” in the sense that folks are planting Pinot Noir on the Sonoma Coast en masse. The climate is ideal for growing the cool-climate grape. Pinot Noir loves the fog and the cool ocean breezes.

Robert Goyette

The Robert Goyette Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

Costco and Pinot Noir

We recently reviewed other Pinot Noir wines at Costco. It seems that Costco is living up to the Sideways Cult.

Boeger El Dorado Barbera 2012 – Trader Joe’s $12.99

boegerWe have been to the Boeger Winery in Placerville and have been impressed with their wines. We pulled this off the shelf at Trader Joe’s for $12.99. I was a little disappointed with the wine. I thought is was out of balance with a little two much in vanilla and clove characteristics. If you are shopping at TJ’s skip this wine and walk across to the opposite shelf and find the Italian wines. Reach for the Barreri & Rovati Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2011. It is a much better Barbera and $3 less.


  1. Rushed out to Foster City Costco and bought Cloisonné. Just opened it and found it to be everything Vintage wine taster Mike said it to be and then some. I have drank Tondre Pinot from the Santa Lucia Valley. They make their own wine and provide grapes to other wineries. Their wines are in the $40 plus range. This Cloisonne comes pretty close. I am going back this afternoon and buying more.

  2. The Goyette Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2013 is at my local Costco (Folsom, CA) for $10.99, $3.00 off the list price. IMO, it is really hard to find enjoyable Pinot under $20 a bottle. At $10.99, this wine is a steal.

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