Truvée Red Blend – Truvée Chardonnay

Did you happen to read the wine article in S.F.Gate about the McBribe Sisters? It’s fascinating tale of how the two half-sisters, who didn’t know each other existed, united and began their quest for making wines. The long and short of it, the McBride Sisters have become negotiants and have released wines under two different labels. I found the Truvée Red Blend and the Truvée Chardonnay at the Burlingame Safeway. According to the Chronicle article, these two Truvée wins are stocked at select Safeway Stores. That probably means Safeway stoes that are in localities where folks like to spend money on wine. But these wines are good and quite reasonable in price. Here is what we found out about these two McBride Sisters wines from the Central Coast.

Truvée wines by the McBride Sisters

Truvée wines by the McBride Sisters

Truvée Red Blend Central Coast 2013 – Safeway

$12.90 for a single and $11.70 for the six pack price

A job well done on this tasty red blend of Grenache, Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel. All the grapes were sustainably farmed. My guess is that this wine has more Grenache than the rest. The Truvée Red Blend is loaded with red cherry flavors. It is  a casual wine, medium bodied and a good choice with poultry. If you like a big robust wine, pass on the Truvée red. This is a wine meant to savor and enjoy over the course of a meal.  This wine is certainly worth a try if you see it on the shelves at your local Safeway store.  88 Points

Truvée Chardonnay Central Coast 2013 – Safeway

$10.49 and $9.44 for the six-pack price.

I really enjoyed drinking this wine as an aperitif. It is very delicious and well balanced. It has some crispness to it and just the right amount of oak for my palate. It is flush with different flavors and characteristics. In short, it is a fun Chardonnay to drink. In the making of this wine, some of the Chardonnay went into new French oak and neutral oak barrels, and the rest was fermented in stainless steel tanks. This recipe is just right in my book for an enjoyable Chardonnay. No butter, no heavy oak. 89 Points.

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