Trimbach Gerwurztraminer is amazingly good

The Costco wine department is at it again. Here are three wines to consider the next time you hit your Costco Store. By the way, have your read “Costco Wine Department: Eight things you should know about buying wine at Costco?” For starters, did you know you do not have to be a member to buy wine or spirits at Costco?

Trimbach Gerwurztraminer

Delicious and refreshing!

Trimbach Gerwurztraminer 2012 – Costco $17.99

Gerwurztraminer is one of my favorite white wines. I love it with food that has some kick to it. Asian or Mexican foods, mildly spiced, are a good match with a Gerwurztraminer. A few years ago we spent a wonderful week in the Alsatian wine region of France. They make five varietals of wines and one is Gerwurztraminer. I was very happy to find the Trimbach Gerwurztraminer at Costco, so I gave it a try. It is outstanding! There is so much to this wine in aroma and flavors, it is hard to put the wine glass down. It has the typical nose of Lichee nut and many lovely floral characteristics. I think at $18 this wine is a steal. I like our domestic Gerwurztraminer made by Gundlach Bundschu for $15, but there is so much more substance to the Trimbach that I am heading back to Costco to buy more. I am rating the wine at 91 Points. I can’t remember when I gave a white wine such a high score.


Here I am in an Alsatian vineyard taking a photo of a woman harvesting Pinot Gris

Norton Privada Red Blend 2011 – Costco $17.69

Review by Vintage Wine Taster Ray

norton-privadaThe Argentinian Norton combine has released its Privada red wine blend that is currently carried by Costco. Previously, the Privada (according to the back label) was reserved only for the family. The Privada is a blend of 40% Malbec, 30% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, at 14.8% alc. It’s a very dark red with a nose that is quite complex – blackberries, currants and blueberries. The taste is a smooth, multi-layered experience with an excellent back-of-the-throat finish. The tannins are muted but present. I can’t think of any food pairing that wouldn’t be enhanced by this red wine. I would easily rate this as a 90+ and a definite bargain.


Jean Bousquet  Cabernet Sauvignon Tupungato Valley Reserve 2012 – Costco $10.99

This is a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that requires a hefty meal. Argentina is the land of beef and certainly this wine calls for a luscious steak grilled or pan fried. Even though it is a Cabernet Sauvignon, it tastes quite different from any California Cabs you are used to. The flavor is deeper and more robust. For the price this wine is perfect and, at 14% alcohol, it’s for folks who like a full-bodied wine without the high alcohol content. It is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and all the grapes are organically farmed. Fact Sheet at Domaine Bousquet. Wine Spectator has this wine at 90 Points, I go with an 89-point rating.


  1. I will certainly look for these wines at my local Costco in Folsom, CA.

    Joe’s piece “Eight things you should know about buying wine at Costco” is well worth the read, especially the comments below. It has been my experience that it is hit and miss with finding wines recommended in this blog in my Costco even though it has a fairly large wine selection. What we do routinely get on weekends at my Costco is small, local wine makers repping their wines. These people are knowledgeable and, if not busy, will even talk with you about some of the other wines Costco sells.

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