Tomato Sandwich with Avocado and Basil

heirloom tomato avocado, basil sandwich

Incredible tasting heirloom tomato avocado, basil sandwich

Tomato Sandwich with Avocado and Basil

What a delicious and healthy lunch! It is a quick and simple sandwich to construct but or so incredible tasting. To make the Tomato Sandwich with Avocado and Basil, you will need the following:  Fresh sourdough bread is the top requirement. We buy sourdough almost daily. Our favorite is the Sourdough Batard made the Acme Bread Company.  Whole Foods carries Acme Bread.

Next, a perfectly ripe avocado. Are you growing basil in your garden? Fresh basil is best from the plant itself. If you are not growing basil, get a potted basil plant at Trader Joe’s. Pick off a few leaves for each sandwich and layer them on the sandwich. Maybe you are growing tomatoes in your garden. If not the local farmer’s market should fill the bill for tomatoes of all sorts. Optional but it makes the sandwich taste so much better is Mayonnaise. If you have some Manchego cheese, you can add that to the toppings for the sandwich. Salt and pepper as needed and enjoy this scrupulous and healthy sandwich.  Go lightly with lettuce. We also like Arugula on this sandwich.

What wines we like with the Tomato Sandwich with Avocado and Basil

A beautiful dry Rosé is a perfect choice. We love the Domaine de Tamary Rosé from Provance. In the white wine category, our selection is a cool and crisp Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris. J Vineyards makes a California Pinot Gris that is delicious and under $14. If you like reds, a Pinot Noir pairs well or Spanish Tempranillo from Rioja. A dry sparkling wine in the Brut or Rosé category is always a great match with a variety of foods.

The final requirement for the ultimate enjoyment of a Tomato Sandwich with Avocado and Basil Sandwich is to eat this sandwich outdoors. Somehow this sandwich tastes so much better in the fresh air with nature all around. Enjoy!