Time to End the Big Wine Bottles

A little here, a little there, in helping out the planet: It is time to end the use of heavy wine bottles. Wineries can stop using heavy wine bottles, and we can stop buying heavy wine bottles.

Big or heavy wine bottles are out!

Big or heave wine bottles are out!
The middle bottle should be the standard size for a bottle of wine.

What is the need for a heavy wine bottle?

A winery does not need to use big, heavy bottles. They are costly to purchase and package, driving up the price of a bottle of wine. Heavy wine bottles have an impact on the environment. Making and transporting heavy bottles requires more energy, which is not good for the environment. Wineries can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future by using lighter bottles.

Wineries use heavy bottles as a marketing tool. Big bottles present the image of a high-quality, expensive bottle of wine. It looks classy, impressive, and exclusive. Nothing can be further from the truth.

As savvy wine consumers, we know that the weight of a wine bottle has no significance in the taste of the wine. The wine will taste the same in a big or lightweight bottle. Likewise, the weight of the bottle has nothing to do with aging the wine.

Not only can wineries reduce their carbon footprint by switching to lightweight glass, they can also save money. Tablas Creek winery in Paso Robles reports, in a recent blog article, that the winery has saved over $2 million over the last 14 years by switching to lightweight glass. This savings on glass should be a wake-up call for all wineries. Save money and be kind to the environment. Rely on the quality of the wine that is in the bottle. 

The trend toward lighter wine bottles is gaining strength. As consumers, we can help wineries make the switch to lighter glass. We do not need to buy heavy glass bottles of wine. 

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