This Pinot Noir is a Steele!

We found a “Steal” of a wine at Costco; it’s the 2016 Steele Santa Barbara Pinot Noir at Costco for $8.99. Here is a link to the Steele online wine shop. There, the price is $30. I first purchased the Steele Pinot Noir at the Foster City Costco for $12.99. Janelle and I enjoyed this wine and, when I went back to buy more, to my surprise the price had dropped to $8.99. Holy Toledo!

A steal at $8.99 – Amazing to find a excellent Pinot Noir for under $20

Why we like the 2016 Steele Santa Barbara Pinot Noir

Well, there are lots of reasons. It is a medium-bodied Pinot Noir, somewhat of a throwback to the old days of Pinot Noir. Nowadays, some Pinot Noir are built like a RAM Truck – big, bold and powerful. We like the more laid-back style where bright red fruit shines with a bit of spice. In the glass, the Steele aroma is classic Pinot Noir. On the palate, the wine is gentle and delicate. I like the red fruit, along with a touch of white pepper. The Steele Pinot is a beautiful wine with salmon, rotisserie chicken, and pork tenderloin. How about a chicken Caesar salad with the Steele? The last caveat on this wine is the price. My math indicates a whopping 70% discount from the price at the Steele Website.

About the winemaker, Jed Steele

For over 50 years, Jed Steele has been a winemaker. His Lake County winery, Steele Wines, began in 1991. Few vintners were making wine in Lake County. Jed Steele saw Lake County as a great place to grow grapes and make wine. In 2020 Jed Steele sold his winery and vineyard to fellow Lake County vintner, Clay Shannon. What a career, and what a fitting way to toast Jed’s winemaking by enjoying a glass of this lively Pinot Noir!

If you shop at Costco, you might pick up the Salmon Milano in the case by the butcher area. It is delicious and the Steele Pinot Noir is a perfect match for this dish.


  1. James Murphy says

    Joe – What is the % ABV? Sometimes it is printed on the rear label.

  2. 14.1 is well within the range for quality PN that’s not jacked up for color and body. Had the Steele and it’s top quality juice. This appears to be an asset sell off and consumers win big time. 🍷🍷

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