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wubeez wine glass cleaner

Best way to clean a wine glass – read how to get one of these free

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about where to buy bargain wine glasses. In that article I mentioned that I would tell you the best way to clean your wine glasses. Well, here it is. It is the Wubeez. I was first introduced to the Wubeez by Vince Ciolino at the Montemaggiore Winery in the Dry Creek Valley. Vince and his wife Lise own this small, 1,000-case winery. Vince is the vineyard grower and leads the tours and tastings. Lise is the winemaker. The Montemaggiore Winery is off the beaten path and open by appointment. It is a gem and the wines are beautifully produced. The focus at Montemaggiore is on Rhone-style wines. The wines are definitely not in the bargain category, but worth the splurge.  Attention to detail at Montemaggiore is one reason their wines are so good.  We recently visited and Janelle remarked how clean the wine glasses looked. Vince said proudly, “I am using something new, the Wubeez.”  Vince touted the Wubeez to the extent that he packed one for each wine club member for the next wine club shipment. After that visit, we purchased a dozen Wubeez with our logo.  We are happy as can be with how well this remarkable cloth works on our wine glasses. We like the Wubeez so much that we are doing a rare promotion. We have ten Wubeez cloths for a giveaway and you can easily be a winner. Read the simple contest rules below.

Keeping wine glasses clean is one big pain. The big problem is detergent. You cannot use it to clean wine glasses. Detergent leaves a film on the glass and, at worst, leaves a perfume smell that permeates the characteristic of your next glass of wine. So here is how to use the Wubeez. If the glass is wet after rinsing it with water, use a dry Wubeez. If the glass is not wet, add a touch of water to dampen the Wubeez and then wipe the glass until it shines like new.

How to win the Wubeez wine glass cloth

I have ten to give away. You must sign up to receive our blog article via email. We do not share your email with others. The sign-up box is on the top of the right column. If you are currently on the email list, you are good to go to the next phase. Phase two of the contest rules is to submit a comment below. Tell us your favorite wine under $20. Name the wine and how much the wine costs.  We will select ten winners at random. Contest deadline is September 21, 9 am Pacific. Good luck.



  1. My favorite wine value is Daou Cabernet from the Safeway sale at $18

  2. Bogel 2013 Cab @ Trader Joes or Costco

  3. 2005 Rodney Strong Cabernet……………..Stored since purchased and drank like a $50.00 bottle this spring

  4. Wayne Stanton says

    My favorite is ‘Wild Horse’ Pinot Noir. I pick it up at Nob Hill when the have a 30% off on six sale. About $10 or &11 each. Keep the GCV newscoming.

  5. Favorite wine at $19.99 year after year is Conn Creek Napa Cabernet Sauvignon that is widely available at Trader Joe’s (agree with your review that 2012 is a great one)

  6. My Favorite under $20 wine is : Charles and Charles 2013 Rose. $9.00 and worth every penny. Rhone varietals make to wine and it is quite rich for a rose. Tapiz Malbec Rose if you can find it at Bev Mo $12.00 also great.

  7. My favorite wine is GROUNDWORK MOURVEDRE from Paso Robles. Hi Times Wine Cellars says, “This is an insane value from Curt Schalchlin; the owner and winemaker of SANS LIEGE.” It is absolutely delicious, as is the Groundwork Grenache. Both are $19.95.

  8. My favorite “go to” wine when traveling or visiting friends for under $20 is always Fetzer Gewurztraminer. It is typically available at any wine store, always tastes great, liked by most wine drinkers and is less than $10.

  9. Bruce, Vintage Wine Taster says

    Right now my favorite wine is Cameron Hughes, Lot 462, 2013 Pinot Noir, Monterey County. Some may still be available at the Foster City, COSTCO. It’s sale price was $11.99 with an automatic $3.00 rebate. making it $8.99. I purchased a single bottle and then went back and purchased a case. It drank better than the 2013 Meiomi Pinot Noir ($19.99) on the Top 100 list. It reminded me of Pinot’s that come from the La Tondre region. It is not a big powerful Pinot it is lighter in color with a subtle cherry taste.

  10. My very favorite wine, because I have 4 kids in school and cannot afford fancy stuff, is a Menage a’ Trois red – under $8 every time at SAFEWAY, COSTCO, etc. It’s a ‘can’t go wrong’ blend to bring to dinner with friends!!!!! 🙂

  11. My favorite wine in the under $20 category this year has been a luscious Zinfandel. Trader Joe’s marketed a beautiful “Howell Mountain” 2012 Napa Zinfandel under their “Grand Reserve” label and it was an outstanding wine for $17.99. I have just half a case left from the few cases I was able to scoop up. Incidentally, it was this wine that lead me to this ‘cheap wine’ site that I’ve enjoyed so much. Double win! =)

  12. Hi Joe! Anxiously awaiting the outcome on the Wubeez Winnings. Am I in? Will my wine glasses shine with crystal clear brilliance again? =) Love the wine postings, please keep doing what you’re doing! Cathy

  13. Hi Joe,
    Did you forget about announcing the winners? I would love to get my hands on a Wubeez.

    • Hi Mike,
      I did announce the winners shortly after the contest ended. I’m sorry that you did not win. Stay tuned, I hope to do this again. Joe

  14. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the reply, and I’m sorry if I missed the announcement. Can you point me to when/where is that announcement? (Seems like I am not the only one with trouble finding it).


  15. I think Conundrum red is a fantastic value

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