The In-between Chardonnay

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In-between Chardonnay

In our recent article on no-oak or naked Chardonnay wines, we mentioned the divide between the wine purist who chooses unoaked Chardonnay over the majority of Chardonnay drinkers who love the very oaky and buttery Chardonnay.

There is a wine that every Chardonnay lover should try. I call it the in-between Chardonnay. It is the 2017 Pedroncelli F Johnson Vineyard Chardonnay from the Dry Creek Valley. It is delicious and has qualities to satisfy both the naked Chardonnay fan and the oaky Chardonnay seeker.

The flavors of this Chardonnay are captivating. The aroma pops from the wine glass. The mouthfeel is generous but without huge oak. Yes, there is oak, but just the right amount. What we get are beautiful fruity flavors, some tropical and a very excellent finish.

It appears that the best price around for the Pedroncelli Chardonnay is at Weimax Wines on Broadway in Burlingame. The sale price is $13.99 and that is $4 less than you will pay at the Pedroncelli winery or their online wine shop,

Check out the tech sheet on the 2017 Pedroncelli F Johnson Vineyard Chardonnay and you will learn how this tasty Chardonnay was made.

Weimax Wines is one of the great wine shops of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is an experience in itself to go into a wine shop like this. The talking notes on the wines are those of the owner, Gerald Weisel. He knows his wines. He seeks out wines from passionate winemakers from all over.

We have been to the Pedroncelli winery in Dry Creek many times. It is one of the “Throwback” wineries of Sonoma County. It is family owned and very traditional in its approach to making good wine.

Take a lovely day trip and visit Pedroncelli winery. Pack a lunch if it is a nice day, picnic and taste wine at Pedroncelli. Tasting fee is $10 and waived with a purchase of wine. Compare that to the Napa Valley where the average tasting fee is near $30. Pedroncelli is a fun winery to visit.

Pedroncelli Chardonnay
Pedroncelli winery and tasting room in the Dry Creek Valley

Other Pedroncelli favorites

You can find these wines at Weimax or at the Pedroncelli winery in the Dry Creek Valley near the town of Geyserville. See the Geyserville Wine Trail.


  1. Bob Drucker says

    Fun articles on Chardonnay. Interesting to hear about the
    differences in Chard, and now, the one in between. I will
    definitely go to Pedroncelli the next time up, even though
    none of my daughters are drinking Chard these days. Drinking
    red, rose’, and champagne.
    Cheers, Bob

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