Thanksgiving Wine Tips

Best wines for Thanksgiving Best wines for Thanksgiving are the ones you like

Thanksgiving wine tips – Which wines?

What wines should you bring or serve for Thanksgiving? Each year this topic is covered in hundreds of articles and blog posts. The bottom line, there is no wrong wine to bring or serve for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The best wines for Thanksgiving are the ones you like. If you are still unsure, check out these tips on which wine to serve or bring for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving wine tip – Whites

Sparkling wine is a terrific choice for appetizers and dessert. It would be excellent with dinner. Try Gruet Brut or Rosé at Safeway and other stores for around $14 – $16.  Gloria Ferrer is at Costco for $14.

Gruet Sparkling Wine
Gruet Sparkling Wine

Chardonnay is always a fan favorite, even if it might be too oaky and buttery for a roasted turkey. Chances are several guests will bring their favorite Chardonnay to share. At Weimax Wines, a fantastic choice is the Pedroncelli Chardonnay from the Dry Creek Valley. The price is under $15. Another good Chardonnay for your turkey is the Blue Quail at Mollie Stone’s for $15.

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Thanksgiving wine tip – Rosé

A bottle of dry Rosé wine is very versatile. Rosé is a great food match for Thanksgiving. We very much like the Carol Shelton Rendezvous Rosé. It is at the Safeway and Mollie Stone’s stores for around $15.

image of Rendezvous Rosé 2011
Carol Shelton Rendezvous Rosé 2011

Thanksgiving wine tip – Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied wine with lovely red fruit flavors and some spice. It would be perfect with turkey. We like the Talbott Kali Hart Pinot Noir at the Safeway for around $18. Costco has several under $20. Try the Kirkland Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley or Carneros.

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Thanksgiving wine tip – Dessert Wine

Nothing finishes off a Thanksgiving meal like a delicious dessert wine. The best choice is a Sauterne or any local Late Harvest wines. K&L Wines has many choices, as does Weimax Wines.  Any of these would be excellent with a fantastic authentic pumpkin pie.

Final Thanksgiving Wine Tip: Make sure there is a designated driver for all your guests or call Lyft or Uber. Keep Thanksgiving safe and happy!

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