Spring is Sauvignon Blanc Time

Sauvignon blanc on the vine
Sauvignon Blanc on the Vine

Blind tasting of Sauvignon Blanc – Ready for Spring

Yes, April is here, and it is time to get outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring.  What could be more enjoyable than sitting under a tree and enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and pondering the beauties of nature?

The Vintage Wine Tasters recently blind-tasted six Sauvignon Blanc wines, ranging in price from $15 to $30. Vintage Wine Taster Joe Fama arranged the tasting, researching wines from Sancerre and California. Why Sancerre? Sancerre is in the Loire Valley of France, and the area is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc vineyards. The Sancerre white wines are 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc vines are in many wine regions in California, including Sonoma, Napa, Paso Robles, and Mendocino. In California, Sauvignon Blanc often has a small amount of the Semillion grape.

We blind-tasted these six Sauvignon Blanc wines

Delicious and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc for Springtime sipping

Here are the wines we tasted. The wines are listed in their scoring order from top to bottom:

  • Paul Thomas Sancerre Chavigol 2020 – Weimax Wines in Burlingame $29.99.
  • Domain Doulny Sancerre 2020 – The Wine Stop in Burlingame $21.90
  • Truett-Hurst North Coast Blue Bird Sauvignon Blanc – Total Wine $24.99
  • Ojai Vineyards McGinley Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2020- Weimax Wines $24.99
  • Alma De Cattleya Sauvignon Blanc 2020 – The Wine Stop $19.90
  • Famille Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2020 – Total Wine $14.99

All these wines are delicious examples of wines with the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The top three wines were separated by a mere two and a half points, a virtual tie. The Domain Doulny is the Best Buy of the tasting. It is at The Wine Stop for $21.99. It is very fresh-tasting and Springlike, with a fragrant character, and is a delight to sip. It is a classic Sancerre white wine.

One idea to advance your wine education is to do a side-by-side comparison of a Sancerre wine with a California Sauvignon Blanc. If you cannot find the above wines, try your local wine shop for other selections. A good wine shop will have plenty of Sancerre wines and California Sauvignon Blanc wines in stock.

Matching food with Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc and seafood salad
Sea food salad with Sauvignon Blanc

The classic pairing of Sauvignon Blanc with food is shell fish. People love their S.B. with raw oysters. We like it with calamari, a seafood salad, or pan-seared scallops. Having a garden party? Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice.

Additional Sauvignon Blanc Information

Costco wine tip

A week ago I purchased two bottles of the 2018 Esteban Martin Garnacha – Syrah (85%/15%). The price for now is $4.99, $6 off the regular price. The wine has a whopping 92-Point rating from James Suckling. The 2018 Esteban Martin Garnacha-Syrah is a lighter-style red wine, with a ton of youth characteristics. I will buy a few more bottles to have on hand. I think 88 Points is the perfect rating for this wine. If you like your wines bold and complex, skip this wine. For those who like a glass of red with lunch, this is it!

Esteban red $4.99 at Costco
$4.99 at Costco


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    Grocery Outlet has carried this wine for the last 2+ years at $4.99/btl.

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