Spanish Red for pasta, pizza and more – 90 Points $11.99

  • Mas Donis Old Vines 2015 from the Montsant D.O. in Spain is a delicious red wine. Fantastico!
  • 92 Points from Jeb Dunnuck, 90 Points from the Wine Advocate
  • A medium-bodied and flavorful wine, perfect for pasta and pizza dishes and much more. Food Friendly
Mas Donis Old Vines 2015

The food-friendly Mas Donis Old Vines 2015

Mas Donis Old Vines 2015 – KL Wines $11.99

The Mas Donis Old Vines is one of several wines by Cellar De Capcanes. The winery is in the Montsant wine D.O. in Spain’s Cataluna region. The Montsant wine area geographically surrounds the famous and prestigious Priorat D.O.Q. Priorat receives all the accolades, while the Monstant quietly makes fantastic wines at consumer-friendly prices. The Mas Donis Old Vines 2015 is an outstanding example of price to quality wines from the Montsant.

Last year I reviewed the Mas Donis Old Vines 2014 that I purchased at Costco for an astonishing $6.99. The Mas Donis Old Vines 2015 is just in at KL Wines, but so far no sign of it at Costco. What a deal that would be at Costco if it is the same price as the 2014. The Mas Donis 2015 has a lovely ruby red color.  It is a medium-bodied wine, with spice, cherry, and tantalizing texture on the palate. The finish zings with spice.  The Mas Donis is an easy-drinking and a food-friendly wine.

There is a little confusion on the blend of the Mas Donis. The Cellar De Capcanes spec sheet indicates that the mix is 50% Garnacha, 30% Merlot, and 20% Syrah. In Jeb Dunnuck and the Wine Advocate, the blend stated is mostly Garnacha with 15% Syrah. Either way, the wine is delicious, with the Garnacha spice and red fruitiness leading the way.

We paired the Mas Donis Old Vines with a pasta dish of cherry tomatoes, basil, and a dash of red pepper flakes. A wonderful match! Because the wine is medium bodied, but complex with flavors, the wine can be matched with many additional foods from Salmon to grilled lamb and pork tenderloin. I rate it 90 Points. For $11.99 it is a terrific wine buy.

On a side note,  Cellar De Capcanes is a large producer of Kosher wines. When we visited Cellar De Capcanes in 2013. The Kosher wine cellars were separate from the rest of the wine production and have their own winemaker. You can read the full story here. The winemaker for all the non-Kosher wines was Jurgen Wagner. Jurgen is an energetic young man. He led our wine bloggers’ group on a fantastic tour of Cellar De Capcanes.


Jurgen Wagner, the winemaker

Jurgen Wagner, the winemaker at Cellar de Capcanes – Mas Donis Old Vine

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On a sad note, vintner Kent Rosenblum passed away this past week. Kent was a terrific person and a great winemaker. He started Rosenblum wines as a hobby and it grew into a successful winery in Alameda. Kent Rosenblum was one of the first to make wines in an urban area. The winery was in the old Naval airbase in Alameda. Kent Rosenblum sold his winery in 2008. Today, his daughter Shana follows in his footsteps. Shana makes wines and is one of the owners of the Rock Wall Winery, also in the old Navy airbase in Alameda.

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