2014 Sobon Estate ReZerve Petite Sirah Amador County

Sobon Estate ReZerve Petite Sirah

Big and Bold – Sobon Estate ReZerve Petite Sirah

2014 Sobon Estate ReZerve Petite Sirah Amador County – $13.89 Costco

We love the price/quality ratio of all the Sobon wines. A Vintage Wine Tasters’ favorite is the Sobon Rocky Top Zinfandel.  When I spotted the Sobon ReZerve (Reserve) Petite Sirah at the Foster City Costco, I was very surprised and immediately put two bottles in my basket. I do not recall seeing a Sobon wine at Costco before this. I am not sure what the ReZerve label exactly indicates, most likely a very cool PR ploy for some of the better wines produced by Sobon Estate and its sister winery Shenandoah Vineyards. Both wineries are located near the town of Plymouth in Amador County.

Everything is heavy about this Petite Sirah. The color is dark inky, the flavors bounce on your palate, and the finish is long. Alcohol is 15%.  The bottle is even heavy! Let this wine breathe. Open at least a couple of hours before sampling or decant the wine. What you will discover is a good, decent aroma of blueberries and white pepper. The taste is layered with a carpet of flavors. This big and bold wine requires a hefty meal. Grilled steak or pork ribs will suit this wine very nicely. As long as you have some matching food with the Sobon Estate Reserve Petite Sirah,  a glass or two of will be quite satisfying. Once my meal was done, the wine was just too overpowering for me to enjoy.

The Sobon Petite was a favorite at both the Amador and El Dorado wine competition, winning a Double Gold at both events.  The Wine Enthusiast gave it “Editors’ Choice” and 93 Points. I will give it 89 Points. For those who love the heavy duty red wines, this one is sure to please. This same wine is selling at K&L Wines for $21.99. I notice that the wine is not for sale on the Sobon online wine store. Interesting!
Back Label Sobon Petite

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  1. I was able to find this wine at my local CostCo this week. Petite Sirah is not widely produced so, for me, I do not have a large number of other Petite Sirah’s to compare to. The Bogle Petite Sirah is the first that comes to mind. The Sobon is wine is, for my palate, is a delicious wine (at this price point) that is not quite as big as Joe finds it. To me it a smooth, very drinkable wine that pairs well with charcuterie. It is interesting that this wine isn’t listed on the Sobon online store. I plan to visit Sobon in the next few weeks and will ask about it.

    • Sobon is a great winery to visit in the Shenandoah Valley in Amador County. This is beautiful wine country with very friendly wineries.

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