Sera Fina Sauvignon Blanc Sierra Foothills – $13

Before we review the very tasty Sera Fina Sauvignon Blanc, there are a couple of worthy wine sales that should capture the fancy of bargain wine hunters. Vintage Wine Taster Mike tells us that the once-a-year Grocery Outlet wine sale will take place November 2nd to the 8th. Mike states: “There are always deals, but you have to look very hard; but they are there.  Some outlets are better than others.  Geary Blvd. store in San Francisco is quite good.”

The Safeway stores are having a 30% off all wines from now until November 13th. There are some great wine bargains to be had. Examples: Valley of the Moon, Red Blend 41 for $13.99,*  Carol Shelton Wild Thing Zin for $13.99,* Renwood Old Vine Zinfandel for $12.99* and Swanson Pinot Grigio for $13.99.


2013 Sera Fina Sauvignon Blanc Sierra Foothills

Sera Fina Cellars is a new winery specializing in wine from the Sierra Foothills. The winemaker is Paul Scotto, one of the up and coming young winemakers in Amador County. Paul’s family is big in the Lodi wine scene. Paul is also the winemaker for his Scotto family in the Lodi wine region.  A couple of weeks ago, I highly recommended the Niner Sauvignon Blanc. The Sera Fina is so much different in style. The Sera Fina reminds me of a White Bordeaux or Sancerre wine. The Niner is closer to a New Zealand style S.B. I found this wine, of all places, tucked away on the shelf at my local Mollie Stone’s Supermarket. The price is $12.99. Small amounts of this wine are made and are mostly sold out of the tasting room or in the Amador area. If you shop at a Mollie Stone’s, give this wine a try. You cannot go wrong. Delightful!

My tasting notes – Sera Fina Sauvignon Blanc

  • Dry and delicate
  • Citrus character
  • Minerality of wet stone
  • Excellent finish/aftertaste
  • 89 Points.
  • Food match: Pan-fried Petrale Sole

More on Paul Scotto and Sera Fina Cellars

This is from an article by Wine Country Getaways  on Amador winemakers. “Paul Scotto is an up and coming winemaker in both Amador County and Lodi wine country. He is a fifth-generation winemaker from the famous Scotto Family, who have been farming grapes for a hundred or more years in Lodi. It has been Paul’s dream to own a winery, producing wines linking traditional and modern methods to make delicious and food-friendly wines. His label is Sera Fina Cellars. Paul makes most of his wine at the Lodi family location but does have a tasting room in Plymouth. The wines are well made and reflect the place of Amador County.”

The Back Label

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