Rutherford Grill Veggie Burger – Wine Photo

Rutherford Grill Veggie Burger
The Veggie Burger with Wild Rice Salad

Rutherford Grill Veggie Burger

Rutherford Grill in Napa Valley is one of our favorite lunch spots. The crowd is always cheerful, with locals and tourists enjoying great food. On our most recent visit in the booth across from us, were two vineyard managers talking shop and enjoying a bottle of a white wine they brought to the restaurant. The fact that winery folks come to the restaurant is a sure sign the food is excellent.

The photo above is the Veggie Burger I ordered for lunch. I asked for a side of the fantastic Wild Rice Salad. I’m unsure what goes into the veggie burger patty, but it is delicious. The wild rice salad is served cold and has crunchy bites of delicious grains.

The wine list is extensive, with many wines from the Napa Valley. The prices are excellent; this restaurant does not overcharge regarding the wine list.

The Rutherford Grill is one of the most popular lunch and dinner spots in Napa Valley. Be sure to make a reservation; otherwise, you will not be able to get a table.

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