Robert Mondavi Merlot tops Vintage Wine Club’s blind tasting

This past week the Vintage Wine Tasters met to blind taste six Merlot wines. Vintage Wine Taster Jerry methodically selected six wines to taste in our bimonthly blind tasting session and prepared a delicious lunch to be enjoyed with the leftover wine. Jerry selected two Merlot wines from the Napa Valley, two from Sonoma County, and two from Bordeaux. We used a wine scorecard from WCG’s “How to Host a Wine Tasting” to judge the wines. Here are the results in order of ranking, the prices, and where purchased.

The Results

  • Robert Mondavi 2008 Napa Valley – $16.99 BevMo
  • Ferrari Carano 2007 Sonoma County – $23.99 BevMo
  • Raymond Reserve 2008 Napa Valley – $17.99 BevMo
  • Korbin Kameron 2007 Sonoma Valley – $24.99 Weimax
  • Chateau Tour Mirambeau 2009 Cuvee, Bordeaux – $18.99 Weimax
  • Chateau De Cugat 2009 Cuvee, Bordeaux – $18.99 Weimax

Merlot blind tasting Robert Mondavi Merlot highest rated

Merlot taste off

Most of the Vintage Tasters could identify the two Bordeaux wines in the tasting without even taking a sip. The old world style really shows through in the nose. All the wines were very good and the scoring was very close. The remarkable aspect of the Robert Mondavi was that the wine really changed during the course of the tasting. In our discussion, several of us mentioned that it was not among our favorites. As we went through the tasting the wine really opened up and showed its character. The Mondavi Merlot is widely available and is a good value at this price. It is medium bodied with light tannins and has a very good aftertaste.

Next Tasting

Next tasting will be red wines from Sicily. Wine Taster Jim has the daunting task of hunting the wine shops in San Francisco where he lives to find six wines appropriate for our first blind tasting of Sicilian wines.


  1. The Mondavi is an outstanding buy. Consider the volume of wine they produce and the exceptional quality each bottle represents. They have been at the top of Napa Valley research and quality control for decades. The wines as a whole were of consistent quality with differences that reflected winemaking, vineyard site and restraint in alcohol. Always looking for quality and price this is another opportunity to obtain a Merlot with extract and balance. This is another reason to have a wine tasting and obtain the wine you like best.


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