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Update: Costco wines we like now

We recently reviewed the Riviera Wine Company’s 2021 Mélange Blanc, a lovely and complex Rhone Style white wine. While shopping at the Redwood City Costco, we discovered the Riviera Chardonnay and the Riviera Pinot Noir. I assume Riviera owner and winemaker Doug Margerum struck a healthy deal with the Costco wine folks. I say that because the price is nicely discounted at Costco, compared to that at the Riviera Wine Company online wine shop. I surmise this is a one-time buy for Costco.

2021 Riviera Wine Company Chardonnay $10.49

2021 Riviera Chardonnay
Delicious Chardonnay from Edna Valley

The 2021 Riviera Wine Company Chardonnay is precisely the way a Chardonnay wine should taste. The 2021 Riviera Chardonnay is a delicate and aromatic Chardonnay. There are no big overbearing characteristics like oak or butter to throttle the experience of this Chardonnay. Instead, there are garden notes of blossoming flowers, pears, and a touch of minerality. It is 100% Chardonnay from the Edna Valley on the Central Coast.

I love to match the 2021 Riviera Chardonnay with roast chicken, filet of sole breaded and fried, and light pasta dishes. I recommend two pasta dishes: Garlic breadcrumb pasta and pasta with snap peas and herbs. I rate it 90 Points, as does the Wine Enthusiast. The price at Costco is $10.49, and elsewhere $24.

2021 Riviera Chardonnay
Over half off the price at the winery

2021 Riviera Wine Company Pinot Noir $13.99

2021 Riviera Pinot Noir
A light and fruity Pinot Noir

Like the Chardonnay, the Rivera Wine Company Pinot Noir from the Central Coast is a mellow version of a Pinot Noir wine. It is more fruit forward and delicate than the big versions of Pinot Noir that get all the high ratings. The nose gives off strawberry notes and, on the palate, a pleasing sensation of red fruits and subtle herbal flavors. The acidity in this wine is perfect. The aftertaste is generous.

For food pairings, the ideal is Salmon on the grill, pork chops, or chicken and rice dishes. I agree with the Wine Enthusiast at 90 Points. The price at Costco is $13.99. Elsewhere the price is $26.

2021 Riviera Pinot Noir
Price at the winery is $26

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