Renegade from Ancient Peaks is ridiculously good

Renegade wine

The beautifully balanced Renegade from Ancient Peaks in Paso Robles

Ancient Peaks 2011 Renegade

In last week’s article on Good Cheap Vino, we talked about the Daou Cabernet Sauvignon we picked up at the Safeway 30% off sale. I thought that was a very good deal, and this week I tried the Ancient Peaks Renegade. It is ridiculously good and an even better deal at only $13.85 a bottle if you buy a six pack. What I like about this wine is its complexity. It keeps on giving with each sip. It is so enjoyable and full of many flavors. It is smooth and gracious in the mouth and has a very nice after taste. Ancient Peaks winery is down at the lower end of the Paso Robles wine country in Santa Margarita. Just a few weeks ago the Tobacco & Alcohol Bureau approved the Santa Margarita area as a full- fledged AVA. As far as I know, Ancient Peaks winery owns all the vineyards in the AVA. The 2011 Renegade is a blend of Syrah 62%, Petit Verdot 28% & Malbec 10%. 91 Points. At the Ancient Peaks online wine shop the Renegade is $23.

Here is what Ancient Peaks winemaker Mike Sinor has to say about the making of the Renegade

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Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel 2012 – $12.60 Safeway Sale

This is just another wonderful and zesty wine by Carol Shelton. This Zinfandel is just a very fun wine to drink. It is light and vibrant with fruit flavors jumping from the glass. Just take a look at the color of the Wild Thing in the glass in the photo. It is lighter than most Zins. This may not satisfy the full-bodied Zinfandel drinkers, but it is more food friendly. The fact that it comes from old Zinfandel vines gives it a little extra character. I like it with a pesto pizza, and on a cool Fall evening this would go nicely with a hearty soup. 89 Points.

wild thing zinfandel

Carol Shelton’s Wild Think Old Vine Zinfandel, Mendocino County

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