Recent Costco Wine Shopping

Recent Costco Wine Shopping

The Pandemic has limited my wine shopping at my local Costco stores. A few weeks ago, I received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I read where, after 14 days, you have 80% protection. Still nervous, but wanting to get out of the house, I ventured to the San Bruno Costco. That store opens at 8:30am for Seniors. I found myself in Costco, almost alone. There were more workers than shoppers.

I quickly took a tour of the wine department and came away with a mixed case of wine. We found some great new wines, along with some old standbys.

Recent Costco Wine Shopping

  • 2018 Black Stallion Napa Valley Cabernet – This is a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon that will age beautifully. It is layered with complexity and black fruit flavors. I will buy more and age it for another couple of years. I’ll have the first aged bottle when COVID is a distant memory. $19.99. 90 Points
  • 2019 A to Z Oregon Riesling – a very zesty and aromatic Riesling wine. This Riesling has just a tad of sweetness that dazzles with slightly spicy foods. 89 Points, $12.99 – Try the Garlic Breadcrumb Pasta with this white wine.
  • 2018 Miramar Estate Albariño – I was surprise to find this wine at Costco. Miramar Torres, of the famous wine family of Spain, is the proprietor of their cozy winery in the Russian River Valley. Rarely do you find an excellent California Albariño for under $20. It is $17.99 at Costco vs $34 at the winery. This is another wine that I will buy more of. A great seafood wine. 89 Points
  • 2019 Balletto Pinot Gris – I am happy to see that this wine is still available at my Costco. I reviewed the Balletto in October 2020. A delicious and wonderfully-made Pinot Gris from the Russian River Valley. $13.49
  • 2018 J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon – We loved the 2017 Vintage and this latest vintage is also terrific. For the price of $12.39, you can’t find a better-tasting Cab. 89 Points

An inexpensive way to preserve leftover vino

Last month, I received a sample box of Repour wine stoppers for review. I was skeptical that these rubber stoppers would keep leftover wine fresh in the bottle. We had about 6 ounces of a red blend wine leftover that I put to the test. I pulled the foil sealer on the cork bottom of the Repour and pushed the stopper firmly into the bottle. I let the wine sit for ten days. I pulled the stopper, and heard a swish of air enter the bottle. I found, to my astonishment, that the wine was as fresh and tasty as it had been the day I opened the wine. We rarely have leftover wine in our house. We usually manage to finish a bottle of wine once we open it for our dinner meal.

The Repour Wine Stopper

I have found the Repour handy when I am comparing two or three bottles of wine for review. At the moment, I have three bottles of Barbera wine open. Two are from the Sierra Foothills, the other is from Barbera d’Asti in Italy. Over the course of several meals, because of the Repour, I have able to compare and judge these wines without the risk of spoilage.

The most popular wine preserve device is the Coravin Wine System. The cost is $99 for the entry-level option and up to $299 for the top model. Many wine drinkers swear that the Coravin keeps wine fresh and from oxidation. The Repour has the advantage for wine drinkers like myself. It is inexpensive and works, as far as I can judge.


  1. Ted Moorman says

    The entry level Coravin starts at about $150.

  2. I found the Balletto Pinot Gris at my local Costco and bought a bottle for my wife who is Pinot Gris fan. If it is something new to us I will typically taste the wine even if I have no intent of drinking it. This Pinot Gris proved to be an exception. I have never tasted a Pinot Gris quite this good before. My wife, to her dismay, had to share the bottle with me but only did so after I promised to buy several bottles more. Thanks for the tip!

    • Balletto also makes a delicious Pinot Noir Rosé. I have not seen it at Costco for a long while. I hope it comes back. It is really a fantastic wine. Joe

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