Puerta de Plata Reserva at TJ’s

Puerta de Plata 2013 for $7.99 at Trader Joe's
Best Buy Wine – Puerta de Plata 2013 for $7.99 at Trader Joe’s

Puerta de Plata 2013 – Best Buy Vino

Vintage Wine Taster Mike is our top Best Buy sleuth. It almost seems he can smell a wine bargain while passing a wine shop or store. Mike spotted the 2013 Reserva de la Tierra Puerta de Plata at Trader Joe’s in Millbrae. Upon tasting the wine, Mike alerted the Vintage Tasters that indeed this is a Best Buy Wine. The price is $7.79. The Puerta de Plata 2013 is a blend of Tempranillo 60% and Garnacha 40%. All grapes are from the Catalunya region of Spain. Catalunya is where the great city of Barcelona is located. This wine appears to be a Trader Joe’s exclusive deal with Latitude Wines, a wine importer located in the East Bay.

Tasting Notes on Puerta de Plata

Mike’s Review: “Wonderful aroma of dark fruit and some earthiness. It is medium bodied and flows over and around the palate with a lovely finish. The color of the wine looks younger than a six-year-old wine. My impression is this is a sound wine and, at its price point, is excellent.  I feel this is a very good example of quality Spanish wine.”

I went to my local TJ’s and purchased two bottles of the Puerta de Plata on the way to a Paella party. Folks at the party loved the Puerta de Plata with the scrumptious and spicy Paella fixings. I found the wine to have an intense aroma and taste of fruit, with just a tad of spice.

I checked the Vivino Wine App ratings and found that the Puerta de Plata has an average rating among all users at 3.9 on a five-point scale. Mike and I rate the Puerta de Plata a solid 88 points. My goodness, $7.99 for this wine makes it a great deal. If you are a TJ shopper, don’t pass this one up.

Puerta de Plata at Trader Joes
New Trader Joe’s wine display. Puerta de Plata is on the left

2016 Mas Karolina Côtes du Roussillon-Villages

I also like Mas Karolina at KL Wines. It is a blend of 55% Grenache, 33% Syrah and 12% Carignan from the Roussillon in the South of France. It is also quite a big and bold wine. Perhaps that is why Robert Parker rates the Mas Karolina at 92 Points. Price point at KL Wines is $16.99

The Mas Karolina is delicious but, at 15% alcohol, a bit tiring on the second glass. It requires food that matches the robust flavors of the wine. Try a juicy hamburger or spareribs. The Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip will also match well with the Mas Karolina. 89 Points in my estimation.


  1. I did find the Puerta de Plata at my local TJ’s. There were several cases of it on display so I am thinking TJ ordered a lot of it. IMO, the Puerta de Plata is a nicely balanced wine that will pair well with a wide range of foods. At $7.99 it is one of the better bargains to come along in a while. I will be buying a case of this wine. Thanks to VWT Mike for this find.

  2. Joe Becerra says

    I just came back from the San Mateo Trader Joe’s by Delaware. There was no Puerta de Plata in sight.

  3. I found the Puerta de Plata at the Folsom CA TJs. I also shop at the Fair Oaks TJs which is closer to my home. Both of these TJs have pretty good wine selections but don’t always carry all the same wine even though the stores are roughly 7 miles apart.

  4. I bought a bottle of the Puerta de Plata last month, and when I drank it put it on my shelf to remind me to pick up a case. But I didn’t remember where I purchased it it. So I looked it up today, found this web site, and will visit my local TS in SE Portland to pick up a case.

  5. Thomas K Spitzer says

    I think my son found this at the trader Joe’s in Castro valley. We subsequently moved to Bloomington Minnesota and found it at our local TJ’s. It is an incredible value really good wine for a really low price.

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