Pontificis White – does it measure up to its classy GSM brother

  • The Vintage Wine Tasters scored the Pontificis Red its Top GSM wine. How does the Pontificis white wine compare? Both are $6.99
  • The Pontificis white is from the south of France and a blend of Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne
  • In the U.S. the Pontificis label is found only at Trader Joe’s stores
Pontificis white wine

The Trader Joe’s Pontificis white wine from Roussillon

2016 Pontificis White – Viognier Roussanne Marsanne

In a blind taste-off in November of 2017, the Vintage Wine Tasters rated the $6.99 Trader Joe’s Pontificis Red its top GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre). How will the $6.99 Pontificis white wine compare? Our expectations were hopeful. Could it be another fantastic best buy wine?

The Pontificis white is a blend of 50% Viognier, 35% Roussanne, and 15% Marsanne. These are the three famous white Rhone grapes and sometimes referred to as the “Three Divas.” Vineyards for this T.J. white wine are from the Pays D’Oc in the South of France in Roussillon. Pays D’Oc is a reference to “wines of the land” and a classification in the French wine laws as a level below the top tier wines. Check out IGP.  The Pontificis label is an exclusive Trader Joe’s wine imported by Latitude Wines. The Pontificis white wine is from the same wine company, Badet Clement, as the Pontificis red.

Back label - Pontificis White

Back label – Pontificis White

Review of the Pontificis White

Perhaps I was expecting too much. The Pontificis white had some likable characteristics but, compared to its red counterpart, it is well off the mark. It is a comfortable tasting wine, but nothing compelling enough for me to repurchase it.  The aroma, flavors, and aftertaste are average. There is no intensity to this wine. If you are a Trader Joe’s shopper, you may want to give it a try for $6.99. Or, better yet, go across the aisle from the French wine section at TJ’s to the California Sauvignon Blanc section.  The Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc for about $3 more is such a better-quality wine and an excellent buy for $9.99. I am ranking the Pontificis white at 85-86 points.


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