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Pizza Wine – What Matches

Pizza is one of the best eats known to humanity. During this COVID Pandemic, pizza has been a hot item. It is easy to find pizza joints in your town where you can pick up a pizza or have it delivered.

Wine makes pizza taste better, and pizza makes the wine more enjoyable. Is there such a thing as pizza wine? The best wine with pizza is the wine you like. For me, I like a tasty medium-bodied red wine. My favorite wine variety with pizza is Zinfandel. Zins can be fruity and jammy, and add zing to the popular toppings for pizza. But I also like other red wines besides Zinfandel. Here is my Go-To List of my favorite and affordable pizza wines. These wines are on my list not, only because they are excellent tasting, but I can purchase them near my home.

There many opinions on Pizza Wines. Check out this list of Pizza Wine at VinePair.

Homemade Pizza

We are big fans of homemade pizza. I have been making pizza dough at home for many years. I have all the tools for the dough and have several favorite pizza toppings. Until the COVID Pandemic, I had been using commercial dry yeast to ferment the pizza dough. Now I strictly use my sourdough starter to ferment my pizza dough. The native yeast cells and other micro-organisms are in the starter, and this a much healthier choice for your digestive system. Secondly, the pizza dough will taste even better with the sourdough culture. 

How to make pizza dough at home

Start Small: Try bread flour or all-purpose flour with a packet of dry yeast. You can find the ingredients for the dough at supermarkets and grocery stores. Use this pizza dough recipe by Joanne Weir.

Go Big: Establish a sourdough starter and use the refreshed starter instead of that packet of yeast to ferment the dough. Once you make the sourdough starter you will need to feed it. Use this sourdough starter recipe. Use this sourdough pizza recipe.

Pizza Tools

If you get into making pizza dough at home, you will need pizza cooking tools.

  • Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Stone or Baking Steel
  • Pizza wheel for slicing the pizza

You can also use a 12-inch cast iron pan for cooking your pizza. Some pizza fans place the pizza dough on the barbecue grill.

Pizza Toppings

The key to a successful homemade pizza is what you use for toppings. Wet toppings, like a bunch of juicy tomatoes, can make the dough soggy. Tary using a few toppings with little moisture. The heavier the toppings, the harder it is to slide your dough onto the pizza stone. Tip: Use semolina flour on your pizza peel. Semolina flour acts like ball bearings. You will be able to slide your pizza from the peel onto the pizza stone. Use a 20-degree angle to slide the pizza.

My favorite pizza is a mushroom pizza. I use Cremini mushrooms, shallots (substitute with yellow onions or leeks), and Monterey cheese. I top this with fresh herbs from the garden: Thyme, Oregano, and Parsley. Here is my mushroom pizza recipe.

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What’s on your pizza?

Do you have a favorite pizza dough recipe or favorite toppings? Please tell us. Got any pizza baking tips?

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