Pizza, Pizza, and More Pizza

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Everything you need to know about making delicious pizza at home. You can do it!

Homemade pizza beats restaurant pizza

Pizza dough

Most Sunday nights at our house is Pizza Night. We make own pizza dough from scratch, use fresh ingredients, and cook our 10 to 12 inch pizza on a Baking Steel. It is also Movie Night for us. We watch a good movie while enjoying a delicious pizza and a terrific bottle of wine. What could be better?

Pizza dough rising

Pizza dough is the most essential part of making a delicious pizza. If the dough is not good, no matter how good the pizza toppings, the pizza will be mediocre. Learn to make your pizza dough. It is not that hard to do. We use a sourdough starter to add some tang to the crust. You don’t need this but we think it helps with the flavors and those microbes in the starter help the gut. There are plenty of pizza dough recipes out there in the Internet. There are also plenty of good pizza books at your local library.

Essential equipment for making great pizzas

must have pizza stuff and equipment
Pizza peel and pizza wheel

How are you going to cook the pizza. On the grill, cast iron pan, pizza stone, or a baking steel? You can also cook pizza on one of these new fangled outdoor pizza ovens. There are snazzy and very quick.

Pizza on the grill

Yes, you can make pizza on a barbecue grill. It can be done on a gas grill or a charcoal grill

Pizza recipes to try

What wine with pizza

  • Zinfandel will go well with pizza that have meat and cheese toppings
  • Tomato based pizza will love Chianti and Barbara – but Zin will work
  • Mushroom pizza requires a old world wine, try a Rhone wine

Best Pizza Books