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Mushroom pizza with Zinfandel – a perfect match

Mushroom pizza with Zinfandel

Sunday night is Pizza Night in our house. Mushroom pizza is one of our favorite pizzas. We use a recipe from the Green’s Restaurant cookbook. Greens is a vegetarian restaurant operating since 1979 in Fort Mason in San Francisco. This mushroom pizza calls for leeks, Monterey Jack cheese, and Dry Jack cheese. The mushrooms we use are Cremini and dried Porcini. The fresh herbs are the key ingredient and what sets this mushroom pizza apart from others. We use a combination of Thyme, Oregano, and Parsley fresh from our herb garden. Here is the full recipe for this delicious pizza.

Zinfandel is our favorite wine pairing with the mushroom pizza. We love the fresh fruit flavors with the herbs and mushrooms. Over the years, we have tried several wines to pair with this pizza, but Zinfandel always rules out.

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