Petite Sirah Wines

Big, bold, and beautiful Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is our wine of the week. Petite Sirah is not petite, quite the opposite. The grape may be small, but the wine it makes is big and lush. It begins with a dark, inky color in the glass. The character is robust with dark fruit flavors, spice, and tannins. Baby Back Ribs on the grill with spice rub and barbecue sauce is a perfect fit with Petite Sirah.

In France’s Rhone Valley, Petite Sirah carries the name Durif. The name comes from Francois Durif, a botanist who crossed Syrah with another grape, Pelourism. When the Durif grape was brought to the U.S., the grape became Petite Sirah. Petite Sirah is not a hugely popular wine. California has 12,000 acres of Petite Sirah, compared to Cabernet Sauvignon’s 75,000 acres.

Petite Sirah recommendations
Small berries, big flavors

It’s not easy to find many Petite Sirah choices in wine shops or a grocery store’s wine department. We are interested in finding wines under $20, which makes it harder to find Petite Sirah. It is worth the search because Petite Sirah is a big, mouthwatering wine that loves red meat. From the 16 wines we sampled, we have these wines to recommend:

  • 2017 Foppiano Russian River Valley Petite Sirah – Foppiano Vineyards, one of the oldest wineries in Sonoma (125 years), considers Petite Sirah their flagship wine. It sells for $28 at their online wine shop. Costco has it for just about half that price at $14.95. This wine is loaded with dark fruit and spice. It has just the right acidity, along with enough gusto, to make this a great wine with grilled meats. Highly recommended by Mike and Joe.
  • 2015 Cedarville Petite Sirah Fair Play – Deep purple color with blackberry bouquet, it has a very smooth palate feel and balanced tannins. This is from the Naylor plot in El Dorado and is an annual treat for the Vintage Wine Tasters. $29.00 at the Cedarville Winery. Highly Recommended.
  • 2018 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Ridge Petite Sirah – Jim A spurged on this wine, an outstanding wine even at $37 at BevMo. “Smooth as silk.” Highly Recommended.
  • 2017 Line Shack San Antonio Valley, Monterey Petite Sirah. Bruce tried several Petite wines and found the Line Shack to be better than the more expensive bottles he tasted. It is balanced and full of berry characteristics. $17.09 at Total Wine. Recommended.
  • 2018 Old Soul Lodi Petite Sirah. Both George and Bruce found the Old Soul at Lunardi’s Market in Burlingame. “Delightful and enjoyable wine.” Recommended.
  • 2018 Bogle Vineyards California Petite Sirah – reviewed by Joe F and Jim C, a great bargain at $7.99. Well made and enjoyable, delicious berry flavors. At Trader Joe’s and Total Wines. Recommended.
  • 2019 F. Stephen Miller Petite Sirah – This young Lodi Petite is pleasing – dark red, almost purple color, a very nice palate feel, a somewhat sharp aftertaste that would probably dissipate with some aging. $14.99 – Naked Wines. Recommended.

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