Perfecto Albariño at Costco

Delightful and enticing Spring wine – Laxas Albariño 2015

2015 Laxas Albariño – Costco $10.59

The 2015 Laxas Albariño is a delicious white wine you should jump on ASAP at your local Costco store. Hopefully, they have this wine stocked. It is a crazy good Albariño at $10.59. The Spanish Table stores are touting this wine, but their price tag is $16.99. The Laxas is the perfect selection for Spring time and the coming dry weather. We should have a glorious Spring. The rainfall will bring out the best of wildflowers and garden growth. The Laxas Albariño is sure to enhance outdoor enjoyment. The Wine Enthusiast awards 91 Points to the Laxas Albariño. I will go with 90 Points. shows the average price is $16.

My tasting notes 2015 Laxas Albariño

  • A delightful and enticing Albariño wine
  • Acidity is balanced
  • A nice touch of minerality and stony character
  • Orange and lemon among the noted citrus characters.
  • Great mouthfeel for an Albariño

Foods we like with the 2015 Laxas Albariño

  • Shrimp on the grill
  • Fried Calamari
  • Light cheese
  • Filet of Sole
  • Veggie Frittata
  • Olive Tapenade


About Bodegas As Laxas

Bodegas As Laxas has a long and rich tradition reaching back to 1862. A fire destroyed the winery in 1960, but the family rebuilt it with new winemaking equipment and technology. The family-run winery was one of the first in Rias Baixas to receive D.O. status. Here is a link to the tech sheet on the 2015 Laxas Albariño posted by Frontier Wine Imports.




  1. I did find the 2015 Laxas Albariño at my local Costco. It is a tasty wine at a very good price. I really appreciate the opportunity to add some variety to the white wines I find at this price point here in NorCal. The winebuyer(s) at Costco have, as of late, provided some very good imports at great prices. I hope they increase their efforts to do so.


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