Peña Ridge Case Sale – Wow! Bargain Wine Alert 11

In our humble opinion this is by far and away one of the better wine deals going. Look on Woot, WinesTilSoldOut, BevMo, etc., and you won’t find anything coming close. The Peña Ridge winery is selling inventory of four wine varietals at the case price of $100. With tax that works out to $9.02 a bottle. This last few days Vintage wine tasters Mike, Jim, Ray, Jerry, and Joe have tasted three of the four wines. They are delicious and easily worth well above $25 a bottle.

The Piccetti Family owns several acres of vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley on the eastern side of Bradford Mountain. Several years back John Piccetti and his wife Nicole decided to reserve a small plot of these vines to produce their own wines under the Peña Ridge label. John teamed up with well-known consulting winemaker Kerry Damskey to produce a lineup of premium wines. The wines were featured at the Terroirs Artisan Tasting Room in Geyserville. Just about that time the recession hit full stride, which made it much more difficult to succeed in the very competitive wine market. The Piccettis are rethinking their wine business plan, and in the meanwhile clearing inventory.

Pena Ridge Wine Sale

Peña Ridge Wines from Dry Creek

As of this writing, here is what is available at the sale price of $100, and our ratings.

  • 2008 Petite Sirah – deep, dark color and full bodied – 88 Points – Vintage Tasters
  • 2006 Syrah – a beautifully-balanced wine and ready to drink – 89 Points – Vintage Tasters
  • 2008 Zinfandel – a fabulous-tasting Zin, balanced – 90 Points – Vintage Wine tasting
  • 2009 Sauvignon Blanc – This is the only wine that we did not taste or purchase because we have plenty of S.B. on hand from other sources.

Here is a link to the Peña Ridge Website and all inquires about the sale should be addressed to Nicole@Peñ


  1. Absolutely delicious wines and a price that can’t be beat!

  2. This is one of those times when if you don’t buy you will kick yourself and say “I should have jumped on that deal” I feel you run across deals of this nature a few times a year. When they surface it is your responsibility to buy as much as you can use. These are high quality Dry Creek wines at rock bottom prices. As they say in the TV commercial “Act now or you will be sorry.”

  3. I am getting a case, the lady I spoke with through email was VERY nice and friendly and they charge $20 to ship (I’m in the san Joaquin valley) but that is overnight delivery with ice! So my bottles will come out to more than above, but I’m chancing it (never had there wine before!). Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it’s great!

  4. Patrick Hind-Smith says

    plus…..the Piccetti’s are as high class as their wines! And I love both!

  5. Patrick Hind-Smith says

    Enjoying immensely….already have bought 8 or 10 cases!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Several of us just reordered more. It is hard to believe that the price per bottle of this fabulous wine is around $9.


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