Pedroncelli Winery – Great value lineup of wines

We have touted the Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel before and it is considered the flagship wine of the Pedroncelli Winery. It is widely distributed and sells in the price range of $12 to $14. Our local wine shop Weimax always has this wine available and it is one of proprietor Gerald’s favorite value Zins.

Lesser known are the many other varietals that are produced in smaller amounts. They are all outstanding values and, with the exception of one of the Cabernet wines, priced under $20.

For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend a day trip or an overnight excursion that includes a visit to the Pedroncelli Winery in Geyserville. This way you can leisurely taste the lineup of Pedroncelli wines and discover ones that you love and will purchase again. That is exactly what we did this last Wednesday when we visited this winery that began in 1927. One reason the wines are priced below $20 is because the majority of their wine production comes from estate vineyards they have owned for many moons. I also imagine that the winery facilities are owned outright, so the overhead costs of running this winery are much less than most wineries. For now there is no tasting fee, but beginning in March there will be a nominal fee that can be applied to the purchase of wine.

We found an amazing and delicious red wine that I think is even a better deal than the Mother Clone Zin. It is the 2010 Friends Red, a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Sangiovese. It is a young, medium-bodied wine with plenty of lively fruit. The Sangiovese gives it just the right acidity and this is a perfect food wine. We had it with a heavy-duty lentil soup and it was outstanding. The price at the winery is $11. Another delicious wine is the Dry Rosé Zinfandel. The juice sits on the skins for 24 hours and is then filtered off. The wine is dry and crisp and quite refreshing. The price at the winery is also $11. We used the Wine-Searcher to see where these wines were available and for what price. They are few and far between, so your best bet is to get these wines at the winery or order them from the Pedroncelli Website.

Estate Old Vine Zin

The winery has a small picnic area and a small Bocce Court. The surrounding hillside estate vineyards are spectacular any time of the year. On, you will find a complete list of nearby wineries and a restaurant and lodging guide. Happy wine tasting at Pedroncelli.

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