Pecorino – Not the Cheese, the Wine

Pecorino wine

The popular Pecorino

2015 Ciù Ciù Pecorin Offida – $15.99 Weimax Wines

Pecorino wine is the type of wine one discovers in a small wine shop. Gerald Weisel has been running Weimax for more than 40 years. His wine journeys take him all over the world in search of wine “with soul.” The 2015 Ciù Ciù Pecorino Offida is one of his great wine discoveries. This wine is 100% Pecorino, a grape grown in the Marche and Abruzzo regions of Italy. It has low yields, and many of the old Pecorino vineyards have been replaced by more productive-yielding grapes. The producer is Azienda Vitmnicola  Ciù Ciù. The Pecorino vineyards are certified organic.

Tasting and Food Matching Notes – 2015 Ciù Ciù Pecorino Offida

Pecorino is a distinctive wine, far different in taste and style from most of the white wines you have tasted. It is dry with a mineral tone, herbs and peach. It is not in the crisp and refreshing category as a picnic wine, but more for year-round enjoyment. Its nutty flavors make it a nice choice for hard cheese, rice dishes and chicken dishes. Gerald tells us this is a very popular wine and encourages us to stop by his wine shop. The Pecorino is usually available for tasting.  89 Points

The Back Label – 2015 Ciù Ciù Pecorino Offida $15.99


More on the Grocery Outlet Sale

According to Vintage Wine Taster Mike, the owner of the Visitation Valley Grocery Outlet in San Francisco is having a free wine tasting of 30 selected wines on Friday, November 6th from 5 to 8PM. The tasting will be across the street at a company called Sylvestre.  Taste the wines and figure out which ones you like, and then stock up at this once-a-year Grocery Outlet wine sale.

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